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Managing bowel symptoms during survivorship

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I am 3 years in remission for colorectal cancer. I was diagnosed at the age of 39. I continue to have intestinal cramping, urgency and frequent bowel movements. I have changed my diet to gluten free and that has helped some. Do any of you have any suggestions to Regulate bowel movements and manage symptoms. 

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Welcome to the forum.

I am happy to hear that you are 3 years NED, but sorry to hear that you are still experiencing pain and frequent Bowel movements.  I cannot help you too much. The only suggestion that I can offer - and you may already be doing - is to keep a food journal. See if certain foods exacerbate the symptoms.

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Before I was actually diagnosed with colon cancer I thought maybe my problem was ulcerative colitis. I tried many differnt natural remedies. I was having probably about 6 bms per days with constant feelings of needing to go. I got a bottle of probiotics on amazon.com called "LiviaOne Daily Liquid Probiotics" and followed the directions. This actually cured my problem of too many bms. Its a clear liquid that is odorless and tasteless. You may feel bloated the first few days you take it but afterward it may help improve your gut biome. 


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Welcome to the board and I'm so glad you found us.  As far as bowel problems, after 11 years I'm still trying to figure that out.  I'm not able to work anymore because I'm not sure when I'll go and when I'm safe.  I've tried everything from probiotics to flax seed to cutting things out of my diet and starting over to metamucil, etc.  Everyone is different though as just working on it is a start.  Hope you can find something that helps.  Please come on this board for any questions you might have.  We are a wealth of information.  Congratulations on being NED.


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Congrats on being NED, and welcome to the forum. I don't have any advice for you, but wanted to say hi anyways.

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Ten years aago I had  a resection of my colon.  a couplle of colonoscopyies show I  have been NED all these years.  My only side effect has been occasional diarrhea.  When I have to stop it I take LOMOTIL.  Most times I just let it run its course.  Soon to be 88 I wonder how long I will last.  Good Luck to all of us!  May you beccome NED and live long fruitful lives!!!

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That sounds nice, doesn't it. I'll give you another 20 years, Danker. 

Cyber hugs!


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Bentyl May help.

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