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Happy New Year!

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Hello all. I haven't posted in a long time - sorry about that. I recently saw that Painter Girl (Ann) passed away a few weeks ago - so sad. We both started our cancer journey around the same time in March of 2018. I have been on Cabo for over a year now and the tumors have decreased in size and nothing new. I had SBRT in November on the largest tumor in my right lung. At one point that tumor was almost 6cm and was pressing against my heart. It is now about 2cm and has retreated from my heart - praise the Lord. I thought I would post a quick update. Take care everyone. I will try to check in more often - sometimes you just need a break from all of this. 

Happy New Year. 

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I was hoping everything was okay, Mark.  Sounds like your treatment program is working for you.  I hope the side effects are still staying manageable.  As many of the testimonials as I've read from people on Cabo, I still wonder how long a person can stay with it.  Obviously, SE play a big part, but has your doctor talked to you about the duration of effectiveness?

As I said in my heading--it is good to hear from you, Mark.  Take care


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I can manage the SEs - I have been fortunate that I have been able to stay at 60 mg dose. Many cannot. We talk often about how long I can be on Cabo and the answer is pretty simple - as long as it is effective and my body is holding up. So far my blood tests have been great. My liver and kidney is holding up. The cancer has been held in check. If/when things change, the thought is to try a combo of the targeted therapy with immunotherapy. I'm hoping I can stay on the Cabo train for a while longer. If SBRT was successful I may target some of the other tumors - though the risk there is that I need to stop taking Cabo for SBRT. We will see. All is good for now. Except that my Vikings just lost. 

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Happy New Year!! Hope everyone has a blessed year. NED for everyone. 

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I remember I was just starting my rcc journey when you had that scary incident a year ago. What a year it's been!

Great to hear from you and here's hoping for continued healing! 


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