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I was dx with PCA when i was 52 in 2005. I was successfully treated with radiation therapy and have an undetectable PSA. My question is that I have my yearly physical coming up next week. My yearly blood test has always included a test for PSA. Now my family doctor does not want to test my PSA because in his words "You have been undetectable for 15 years and I feel you just need to be tested every 2-3 years". I feel he is very wrong and have strongly disagreed. Anyone have any ideas about what is recommended 15 years out with a undetectable PSA? Thank's, Craig

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Get tasted. Sack him if he disagrees.

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I agree but he has been my doc for almost 19 years and not many other docs taking new patients here. I'm preparing for what I'm going to say to him. I can't understand why he is giving me a hard time about adding the PSA test to my blood test.

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In my opinion, you should be tested.  Prostate cancer is a moving target.  I know if I am undetectable at my second year (3/2020 RARP 3/2018), they told me they would start testing me just once a year. I am Ok with that.  My GP has never ordered my PSA test, since my surgery.  The Levine Cancer Instutute, where I was treated and had my RARP always orders the test. You may want to go back to the folks that treated you and ask the question of how often should I get a PSA test after 15 years of undetectables.  Good luck on your journey.


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Thank you for your reply. I have called the urologist that I was dealing with 15 years ago and I am not in their system anymore and no one has called me back. I'll tell you honestly, the main reason I go to my GP every year is because I am concerned about my PSA. Good luck with everything.

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I agree with above survivors comments on the PSA. 67 years old men with the gland in place should be tested annually. Hopefully it comes again undetectable.

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Go to another doctor to get your PSA done. You have every right to this test. 

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