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!0 years on Csn

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Joined: Jan 2010

In order to refresh my surgigal coping skills   and help  the nerbies I had ny Prostate out on 9/30. ON New Years eve I  was told if I did not have my gallbldder out by the ebd of the year, I would die. I  spennt New Year's eve with my surgeon having an open. She was a nice date. Will write more.






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Joined: Jul 2016

Talk about a wild new years eve evening.  I think you packed enough into 2019.  Here is hoping 2020 is much less eventful.

Take care!


Posts: 28
Joined: Aug 2018

Hoping you are feeling better and the New Year brings you heath and happiness.  Cheers to you Iceman.

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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 709
Joined: Jul 2016

Wow! You really are active these days. Sorry for all this but now you should be sailing through 2020. Hope your feeling better soon.

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Joined: Nov 2014

Oh my, Iceman... 

I hope you feel better soon, and have no surgeries in 2020. 

Hugs and get better and huge thank you for your constant support to us all here!

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Joined: Feb 2009

So sorry you had another surgery and another organ go in the stainless steel pan.  Have a non-evenful recovery and do it ASAP.



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Joined: Sep 2016

Oh lord, Iceman, seeing the word "open" hurts....

Well, I wish you a boring but very healthy New Year!

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Posts: 509
Joined: Jan 2016

No more surgeries for you!

Hope you're up and running around soon!

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Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

I think you've exhausted your quota of surgeries so no more! Speedy recovery and hoping you're doing well. 

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Posts: 317
Joined: Jan 2019

We get it, icemantoo, you're indestructible... :) 

Heal up soon!

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Joined: Nov 2013

Congrats on the 10 years.  I have been thinking of you.  Your absence makes sense, having yet another surgery.  I would say its smooth sailing ahead.  Hope you have a speedy recovery.  

Re 10 years....when I joined you were having the most entertaining conversations with Texaswedge.  I miss those exchanges, as I'm sure you do.  

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Joined: Jun 2019

Would you please tell your body to just stop it already!  Not one thing wrong for the rest of 2020!

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Mighty Frog
Posts: 152
Joined: Jul 2017

Happy New Year! Everyone! 

Icemantoo... Keep up it! 

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Joined: Nov 2016

Quickly. Thank you for all of your support. Hope you are receiving some kind support as you get better.

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Posts: 3336
Joined: Jan 2010

I littlr bit of infescton for  whicj I was addmiited and discharged twice more/ IV's at home daily. Hopefuly wil resolve this week.





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Posts: 952
Joined: Nov 2014

Get well, Iceman! Hugs!

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Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

Get well soon! Thinking of you.

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