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I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Two nodules. On Dec 4th I had surgery but instead of a total Thyroidectomy..the surgery was stopped because they were concerned for the nerve on my right side. 

I can speak and my voice is getting better and better. I had the exam to test the vocal cord and the doctor said that the other part of the surgery could be performed.

That's the good news.

Since the surgery I have been having tingling, numbness on right side face and ear...my right side throat feels different when swallowing than my left side. One night while sitting I had major tingling and tightness on my right side..chest and back..lung felt tight. And just numerous odd things go on.

My doctor thinks it is anxiety because he did some blood tests to check calcium and parathyroid and both tests showed no problems.

My question... are these things just happening because I am in recovery from my surgery? When some of these occur..is when I do become anxious..because I don't know what is going on.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I'm almost afraid to get the remaining surgery in fear that things could worsen.


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