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Question about Post op PSA

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My syrgery was on 9/30/ My 6 week post op PSA was undetectable.I have my 2dd 6 week PSA in 1O DAYS. ANYTHING TOworry about?







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Hi Iceman,

It was a good sign that your first post op check was undetectable, hopefully your next one and many more to come will be the same. Just about all of us live six months or a year at a time waiting for our next PSA test result, mine comes around April. If you do show any PSA it will take a few readings to determine a trend(usually three readings).

Dave 3+4

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I'm at 2 years 3 months of undetectables.  Take it one test at a time. It's normal to be somewhat apprehensive as the test gets closer but, like the man from Cleveland says, take it one test at a time. 

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