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Just a funny tale to make you laugh

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Donna Faye
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My new picture shows me holding a beautiful metal possum - a Christmas gift from my son! Some of you have commented that I raised them right. Well, my eldest son always says this: We saw our Mama snatch up a 20 lb. possum by the tail with her bare hand and carry him from our garage into the woods. That was one scared possum and he never came back. So sure, we behaved. We knew she was not scared of anything! We were scared of her! My metal possum, a memory that all of us laugh about, will carry me into 2020 knowing that I do not have to be afraid.  Peace, joy, love and kindness to all.

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You are one tough broad!  I'm confithat will carry you through your current challenges. And how blessed you are to have your wonderful family to help carry you through. Blessings for the new year my dear sister. 

Fridays Child
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We used to have a dog that would not tolerate possums.  I lost count of how many she killed and then took us to see so we would get rid of them.

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That's a really good one! I use them to go to my happy place when I have to have a test or can't sleep at night. So much better than counting sheep.

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You are one amazing tough woman, Donna Faye!

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It is a great legacy for your children.   YOur strength.   Happy New Year!    

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Thank you!  This is hysterial and awesome!!!!  

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I have no doubt you can handle anything life throws at you! You're made of strong stuff.  This reminds me of one of our army wives at Fort Belvoir - she was going down the steps of her quarters to the basement and found a big snake curled up on the stairs.  She grabbed an oven mitt and picked up the snake.  It bit her arm and wrapped itself around said arm, so she stuffed her whole arm, snake and all, into a grocery bag and tied it shut and drove herself to the emergency room on post.  

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I would have loved to seen the reaction of the ER staff when she told them she had the snake in the bag with her!

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As it happened, the girl at the ER desk nearly passed out.  However, one of the orderlies was a big snake fan and he saved the day.

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Great stories Donna Faye and Armywife. Both made me laugh this chilly morning!

Happy New Year to all of us. May 2020 bring good news, strength, peace and laughter throughout the year.

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous user (not verified)

I love your story, and your metal possum.  Growing up in rural Nebraska, I've encountered possums, and they can be (or at least look) mean.  Glad to see that humor runs through you and your family.  So I simply hope that you share that possum story with your "cancer" and tell it to be afraid.  Hugs

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DonnaFaye -You're much braver than me. I find possums kind of creepy – especially when they're growling and hissing, although I know that they're not normally aggressive and rarely carry rabies. When I was still in my house possums would come around at night to snack on the food I left out for the stray cats. While I didn't mind them eating some of it, I didn’t like it when they tipped the bowl over and the dry food went all over. So I started putting the bowl on top of an old unused fountain that had a smooth pillar base. The cats had no problem jumping up to eat the food, but the possums couldn't scale the base. This first night I used it I watched a possum circle the fountain a few times, trying to reach up, and get really mad when he couldn't get to the cat food. But I love your metal possum and the story that influenced the gift.

And Armywife – I'm in awe of your fellow army wife. While I not particularly scared of snakes, I'm not sure that I would have tackled that one on my own. But then I'm a city girl and wouldn't know one type of snake from another. And even if I did feel brave enough to grab it, I doubt I would have had the presence of mind to stick snake and arm into a garbage bag to seek treatment!

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Too funny Donna Faye and Armywife!! Both critters make me anxious. I can’t imagine getting anywhere near a possum.

DonnaFaye you remind me of my Mom who was brave if she needed to deal with wild critters of any type.  I admire your courage and sense of humor!  Thanks for the story! 

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