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Any men develop prostate cancer?

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I have a biopsy in a few weeks because it seems I might have prostate cancer now.  Wondering if anyone ever had a spread to the prostate. 


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I hope that they find out your all clear. 

I remember reading sometime during my 7 years on the forum, about someone being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and another with Breast Cancer.  Not sure if they were secondary Cancers or not, or caused by radiation. 

Keep us on the update. 

Here is to a HAPPY New Year!


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I'm sorry to hear that.  I'm hoping that others chime in about this situation, but it doesn't sound very familiar to me that this arises afterwards, but then I'm not a man.  Wishing you the best outcome that all is clear.


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I highly doubt the issue you're having with your prostate is a met from your CRC.  I've been pouring over tons of personal testimonies for years and have never run across anyone getting a met in their prostate.  Even in the medical literature there's no mention of the prostate as being even a remote chance of being a met spot.  If indeed this is prostate cancer, it's most probably a primary cancer; which sounds odd but is actually the preferred scenario.

I developed appendix cancer 3 years after my colon cancer.  It was deemed as a primary and not a met.

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Cancer can occur due to radiation or chemo in some people.  It happens allot with childhood Leukemia.  

I think it is rare with CRC patients though.  


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I had prostate cancer in 2009.  Addressed successfully with a radical prostatectomy (DaVinci).  Although I was remedied of cancer, I incurred significant and permanent ill-affects.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with rectal cancer (state 2).  I underwent neoadjuvant chemo/radiation, resection, three sessions of adjuvant chemo, and then a resection to rid myself of a temporary ileostomy.  To date, I am NED, but just like the treatment for PCa, this treatment left me with permanent ill-affects.

During my tour of duty with RC, I was also curious if PCa could cause RC.  Best I could tell from lots of reading, there is little corelation.  PCa metastasizes to the lymph nodes in the groin and then the bones.  RC, on the other hand, metastatsizes to the lymph nodes, the liver, and the lungs.

In my layperson's opinion, those of us who develop multiple, unrelated cancers are either biologically/genetically predisposed to cancers of different varieties or our lifestyles/exposures have placed us at higher risk.  I am 10 years post protate cancer; 3 years post rectal cancer, but currently the host for skin cancer.

If you haven't done so, check out the prostate cancer forum on this website.  Many of your questions will be answered and "some" of your concerns may be allayed.


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