5 years ago

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Hello everyone and seasons greetings!

It has occured to me today that 5 years ago in December 2014 my husband had a surgery to remove kidney cancer. I still remember the date - December 15, the day doctors saved his life. 

He was Stage 1 Grade 1, clear cell, currently NED. Even had an unplanned/unscheduled NED in November - had to get chest x-ray due to persistent cough. Doc was checking for pneumonia, but I was mainly worried for mets. All clear :-)

I was pregnant at the time of his diagnosis and surgery. Now our daughter Alice is 4,5 years old, so loving, smart, kind and beautiful!

Can’t believe how fast time flies. These 5 years feel like 2 years max :-). I still remember vividly reading this board through the nights after dignosis, all pages, all posts... It was my lifeline!

So after 5 years I am still SO THANKFUL to you all, so happy and lucky that I’ve found you during the darkest moment of our lives.

Thank you all! Those who are NED - please keep NEDing :-) Those who are not - please keep being stable and live full lives. Dear newbies - it is not a death sentence, and yes - scanxiety gets a bit better with time.

Iceman - special THANK YOU to you, the first one to greet me here and to say that its gonna be allright. Please be all right as well!

Love you guys. Thank you! Let’s keep fighting, living and loving!



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    What a beautiful post! So

    What a beautiful post! So encouraging and I am so glad for all of you. I love to hear a good outcome!! I hope all of you have a wonderful 2020!! Yes, stay NED!! It's the only way to be. I'm not there yet, but working on it. Never giving up.

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    JoyeZ, do u tu ou have s new

    JoyeZ, do you have a new avatar picture? You are so beautiful!

    You are back on meds now, right? How is it going?

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    Thanks Allochka

    I am one of those NEDding but still having scanxiety every year about this time and for the six months heading toward my next scan. These are wonderful words to hang onto starting the new year. Take care -

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    Well Said!

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    Lovely post, Allochka. May

    Lovely post, Allochka. May your husband continue NEDing as well. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.

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    Awesome news!

    Alla--what a powerful post on many levels.  I so appreciate your contribution to this board.  Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!



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    Congrats to you and your husband on five years - and here's to many many many more!