Holiday Season is here

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Wishing you and yours a relaxed and happy Holiday and New Year.

In the past 13 years, I've learned to Not overdo and have the "if it doesn't get done, so what" attitude. Most importantly, I take care of myself, ensure my house is Healthy; but not necessarily totally neat and decorated.  As a couple, we attend the kids concerts or games, but not try to do everything the community has to offer.  A small artificial tree serves us well and I don't have the dust, dirt, pollen and falling needles.

If you are just starting the cancer journey, take care of yourselves.  If you are an experienced survivor, keep on surviving.

Hugs and Best Wishes,



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    And to you and yours

    Happy Holiday season to all the members here on this site.  


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    Happy holidays to all!

    Happy holidays to all!

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    May it be a Cancer free year

    Need I say more.








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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays everyone! Here's to a great 2020! 

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    Merry Christmas and best of

    Merry Christmas and best of wishes for the New Year!

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    Merry Christmas & Happy New

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

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    Happy Holidays!!!! Kisses and

    Happy Holidays!!!! Kisses and hugs to you all,

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    Hi donna lee

    Love your message - we have had a very low key Advent and Christmas - just got the creche out on Christmas day, since that really starts the Christmas season for us. A Christmas cactus is our tree this year. Lovely dinner with family and friends, counting my blessings and good luck over and over again. Every day I say "Grateful." Take care All

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    Jazz girl-your pic

    It lloks like walking down any street in a town in Ireland..Cork, Killarny, Wexford, etc.