Praying For Hope From MUSC

Just wanted to leave an update and beg for good energy and thoughts in the process. I thought the tumor board at MUSC was meeting today but after talking to the nurse, she said it would be first thing Wednesday morning. I'm usually not full of anxiety but I feel it this afternoon. I hope that ablation or surgery will be an option for me. Everything I am running across mentions the number of mets being part of the basis for being eligible for it. I am hoping there is a magic fairy waving a wand for me at this meeting. Hugs to all finding themselves here...M


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    I am wishing you the best possible results.

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    Well ...

    you either took my advice or the mods got to it first. 

    So, I will reply again, not that I have a hope in remembering what I put in the first psot. 

    Lets just say, I will be thinking of you, Mojo, and sending positive thoughts and vibes your way, and heres hoping that you hear what you what we all want to hear ater the board has convened. 


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    I am praying hard for you!!!

    I am praying hard for you!!!

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    Wishing you well

    Wishing you well and hope the board gives you some positive answers for moving forward.


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    Good luck tomorrow.  Wishing

    Good luck tomorrow.  Wishing you the best

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     I hope that ablation or surgery will be an option for you as well.