Pathology after RP on 11/25

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Hi everyone!  57 year old who had surgery on 11/25 and recently received pathology results.  Grade Group went from 4 to 2 with a final Gleason score of 7 (3+4), with 20% being a 4.  Tumor was less than 2% of prostate gland.  No lymph node involvement, all negative surgical margins and 90% of right side nerves were spared along with 75% on left side.  A huge thank you to people on this forum and to GrayCloud for the assistance and friendship she and her husband showed to a total stranger.  I pray for all in our consistent battle and all families and caregivers.  I've donated to ZEROCancer and in hopes that further research may cure this disease.  I'll live in 3 month cycles for a while and try to enjoy each day in between.  God bless all of you!



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    Good luck

    Hi Jim,

     Hopefully soon you wil be living six months at a time then one year at a time. Good luck on your journey with many hopefully undetectable PSA's in your future.

    Dave 3+4

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    Good news from the pathological report


    I am not familiar with pathological stages based on Grade Groups as you express above (Grade Group went from 4 to 2) but a lower Gleason score of 7 post OP from the 8 at biopsy is great news. The identified cancerous volume as "less than 2% of prostate gland" is also a good conclusion laid in the report. I hope to read about your remission in your next update.

    In one of your previous posts you commented to be on AS for three years due to the results of an MRI but I think you were on watchful waiting (WW) checking the behaviour of the PSA alone. When the PSA reached 4 you had a biopsy and additional image exams that diagnosed the cancer followed by the subsequent nerve-sparing prostatectomy. You are now three weeks post op, alive and kicking. Congratulations

    Best wishes for full recovery.


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    Thank you Dave and VG

    Dave and VG - thank you for always helping out all of us on this forum.  VG - you are correct with the WW as opposed to AS.  I will continue my research and provide support to my fellow brothers in our journey through this disease.  God bless!


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    First PSA after surgery on 11/25/19

    Hi folks!  Been busy getting back to work, exercising and trying to enjoy each day that I've been given.  Changed to a plant-based diet while eating wild caught salmon and haddock as the only animal proteins in my diet.  I just received my first ultrasensitive PSA result since surgery and the result was < 0.006.  I'm hoping this means it was undetectable although I've found articles stating that 0.003 was the number indicating all cancer was removed.  For now, I'll celebrate this result and do what I can to enjoy the gift I've been given.  Thank you to everyone and I wish you well on your journey.  

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    Great News

    Great news, Jim.

    I'll celebrate with you tonight with a glass of red wine.