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Encouraging 1st CT after Opdivo started!!!

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Well it's about time we got a little good news and right before Christmas too! So I am not going to get over elated but.....This is the best news we have received in a very long time! The Lung Met is gone, the Met in the duodenum is gone, the main tumor has shrunk by almost half, the liver mets are mostly shrinking while a few are just stable and the lymph nodes are stable! WOW, so relieved hearing this as we enter the holidays! ALSO, the oncologist has found a few other meds that we can try out when/if this treatments stops working. (remember we were told this was it!) Whew. Thank you sweet Jesus you have granted us more time! 


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That is beyond wonderful, so glad for you all!! What a blessing!

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What a fabulous holiday gift!

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That is so wonderful to read.  Love this news. Best wishes for continured health and happiness.   

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What do you mean you aren't going to get over "elated".  This is wonderful news, and you have every right to get overly "anything" you want.  What a beautiful Christmas present for you.  Take a deep breath, dance around a lot, and then have yourself a very Merry Christmas.  You are truly blessed this Holiday Season so enjoy every moment.   WOOHOOO


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Having a hard time really celebrating it this time. I kind of feel like I have had my hopes up so many times only for the ball to drop a scan or two later. 2 years of failed treatments has taken it's toll on both of us and the kids too. Not long back we didn't think he'd make it to the holidays....now he is doing so much better we still are very guarded. He had another EDG the day before Thanksgiving and the ulcers have barely healed but he is eating better and steadily gaining weight. 

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Fantasic news... I just started my first round with Opdivo yesterday. How many treatments did you have? Did you feel any side effects aside from fatigue?


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It is my husband that is on it. He has had 6 rounds so far and is also taking Strivarga. I kind of wish they would have put him on the Yervoy combo since that is what they did with the studies but it's working thus far so.... They will rescan him again in 12 weeks. I hope that your results are favorable too!

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That's amazing! 

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats to you!


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What a great gift for you and your family! Merry Christmas to YOU!!

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I am happy to hear this, Twinzma.  It is about time he caught a few breaks. 

Enjoy every moment of the season, and may the good news continue into the New Year - and forever more. 


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Wonderful news! And so encouraging to everyone! I know it’s hard to relax when you are going through it. Enjoy the holidays! Life is good!


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A great report!! Take joy in it, bad results don't hurt less because you don't celebrate the good ones, though Stoicism teaches that neither result should move you. I never quite embraced that part. Anyway I'm happy for you and him, and the kids that you got a break, and in time for a nice holidays...................................................Dave

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Joan M
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Or from the stirvaga?  I was given that option but my doctor thought oxaliplatin would be give better results for me.  I ended up in the hospital with the first round of oxaliplatin.  

Is your husband at at local clinic or one of the big ones?  Did he need a trial doctor to get the opdivo?  

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