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This is a link to a good article about travelling after a diagnosis of cancer.   This is written for Americans mostly but has good information.  There have been a couple of posts about travelling to foreign countries lately.

My cousin is Canadian and owns a condo in Florida.  He has been diagnosied with cancer and it has really complicated his plans to head south.  


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    Interesting Article

    I'd had a trip planned to Italy when I was diagnosed with Stage 3c, Grade 3 and underwent an open hysterectomy. My oncologist wisely recommended that I go on my trip only 3 weeks after surgery and before chemo. it was the trip of a lifetime for my family and prepared me mentally for my fight. I thank her for encouraging me to go. But I often think what might have happened. But so what. You have to live your life. When I reoccurred, I went to Spain. I was lucky both times. But I did carry extra health insurance. I continue to have that attitude. Now I'm not going to Africa or some isolated areas but I have no problems traveling to areas that have decent health care. Some care in the US is pretty crappy.