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Hi all. 


Its been a while. I was happy in NED land, butwas brutally torn away... I'm having my first reccurance of USPC :( It's in two lymph nodes in my pelvic area. I'm now doing doxil and carboplatin every 4 weeks for 6 sessions. Its a bummer indeed. Was looking forward to Christmas, as last year sucked. I was doing chemo and had massive surgery on December 27th. It was not a good Christmas. So we all just longed for this one... Oh well....


We had already booked our skii holiday before all this crap returned. My question is.... Is it possible to go on a skii holiday, while doing chemo? The holiday will be halfway through as I calculate it. 2 weeks after infusion. 


But, would it be doable? I will of course rest when needed and stay at home the hotel when needed. 


Have a jolly evening :)


Cheers from Maiken. 

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Remember your immune system will be compromised.  I think I would get my oncologists opinion.  

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I had chemo of Carboplatin and Taxol. Not sure how Doxil affects one. Since all of us are unique maybe have a talk with your oncologist about your vacation and request that they help you with a plan ( meds for side effects, names and contact information for seeking care at the place you are going to and copy of summary of treatment plan and medical history).

 Double check to make sure your insurance will cover you at hospital or clinic at your vacation destination. 

As you know altitude is taxing on your body in terms of oxygen level in your blood. Talk with your doctor about altitude effects on immune compromised person as chemo makes us immunocompromised.  Might need to wear a protective mask on the plane if you are flying to protect yourself from others on the plane who may have a cold. 

Also ask your oncologist if there is anything they could give you to “tune up” for travel such as IV fluids, iron pills, Neupogen, anything to get your lab  values back more towards normal in terms of white blood cells etc. 

Listen to your body and rest by the fireplace or take a nap every afternoon.  Just do whatever you feel up to. 

All things considered you go girl!!!  


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WHIZZER78 and Northwoodsgirl covered some excellent points regarding pre-trip supportive care, availability of insurance coverage and protection against infection while traveling.

In addition to that advice, I suggest considering how you've been feeling with the current treatment regime.

My oncology nurse told me that the symptoms I have at first will be the ones that occur throughout treatment. While I know this hasn't been the case for everyone on this board, for me it was true. After the first infusion, I learned that I would get bad leg pains about 2-3 days after the Paclitaxel/Carboplatin treatments that would last another 2-3 days. But other than the leg pain, I didn't feel that bad during those four cycles. I even went to exercise classes at the cancer center during this period. I could have traveled during this time.

However, the next four cycles of Ifosfamide/Mensa/ Doxorubicin really knocked me out. I was completely exhausted after these infusions for almost two weeks and needed different supportive drugs and additional fluids between the cycles to even function at the most basic level. And I was plagued with occasional, really bad bouts of diarrhea that would have been very difficult to deal with on the road. I could not have traveled during this period.

The idea of a Christmas vacation sounds wonderful. I hope that you and your doctor can come up with a plan to keep you as well as can be expected while on vacation. Even just sitting in the lodge by the fire would be very appealing.

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I've only had carboplatin and Taxol, but I think that the 3rd and 4th weeks of a cycle, I could have traveled.  Could you stay in a ski condo, instead of a hotel, for less postential infectious exposure?  That time of year, lots of people have colds, and you'd have more risk, I think, in a hotel.  You can get great meals delivered to you via Doordash, from any restaurant you like.  Assuming you're not at high altitude, skiing is no risk of contagion - you're outside, in cold fresh air, not touching surfaces with your hands that lots of other people touch.

So yes, I think you could do it!  Worst case scenario is the others ski, and you rest.

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Thanks for all the good advice. We will rent an apartment so that should be fine in terms of germs and such. We will drive and make one stop, so that means 6-7 hour drive per day. I just had my first infusion last Wednesday, and already now I'm feeling normal. I eat normal. No pain or discomfort. This mix is definitely better than with taxol... And I still have another 3 weeks until next infusion. 


I will need to have insurance. Will apply for that in two days, as I can only do this 2 months prior to traveling. Its in February. 


It would just mean so much to all of us. If I can't go and I tell my family to go without me, I know they won't do it. I have my oldest son at home, so I won't be alone. He is 23. But darn, this shitty cancer just keeps on taking and taking and taking :(

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I have no other advise but I hope you can go. I think it would do wonders for your mental health. Good luck. 

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Buy the trip insurance, make your plans, and go!

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Im from Denmark and here insurance is for free. However, they can deny it if they think it's a risk. But I will apply and hope for the green light. ;)

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