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In a few days I am supposed to go back to MD Anderson for potential immunotherapy phase 1/2 trail. They need some additional tests in order to be sure I qualify. Two days before that additional testing I meet with a TIL trail doctor. I am not sure if I am qualified or not. My understanding is that if I go with T cell I want be later eligible for the origibal one. Which one would you choose and why? Butt.


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    I'm not able to give you any productive advice, but glad that there is a possibility that there is a trial for you.  Wishing you the best.


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    I think you went through the

    I think you went through the process of being a member of Colontown.  Not to disparage this forum.  But you're going to get the answers/responses you're looking for there than here as there are plenty of very smart individuals who have been actively involved in these types of upcoming treatments.

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    Hard choice - I didn't qualify for the T cell at MDA


    I was tested last spring and didn't have the HLA marker they were looking for, so didn't proceed further with trial.  I traveled back to Houston for a biopsy, but there were not enough cancefr cells in the biopsy for them to run the TEMPUS test, so that failed too.  I about gave up on searching for options, then went to Mayo.  I will work with the doctors there for awhile unless MDA comes up with a miracle cure in the meantime.    

    Good luck whatever you decide.  Please let us know which you choose and how the trial works for you. 

    My doctors have all recommended I go with the oxaliplatin again since they believe it is the best option for me at this time.  I have been praying for immunotherapy because I hear so many people getting cured of stage 4 cancers with immunotherapy, except for us with the MSS variety.  They are getting closer to and finding some combinations of immunotherapy that enhance chemotherapy however I have not been able to get on it as yet.  4 rounds of oxaliplatin if I can tolerate it, then maybe add nivolumab on an open label trial.