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Crying for silly reasons

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From the time my doctor ordered my drugs until it was ready was 3 and a half hours. Every time I asked beginning at 90 minutes, I was told 15 to 30 minutes. And I got so frustrated I started bawling. 

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Crying is never silly, it heals and you feel better afterwards.  Sorry you had to wait 3 1/2 hrs rather than get to cry at a sad or emotional movie.  But, it releases the pain and that is good.  Hang in there abita, tomorrow is a new day! ?

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I was hyper emotional throughout my treatment. I am a pretty stoic, stiff upper lip English woman, so sensitivity was a shock to me. 

Don't ever feel that you are being silly, or that crying is a weakness. Not only is your body going through a horrific chemical onslaught, your whole situation screams trauma, physical and emotional. Its no wonder we all cry at the drop of a hat, or, like this situation, something that is extremely frustrating. 


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Oh goodness, crying is one of the best things you can do for your body to relieve the stress and get it out.  I never was a crier until I got cancer.  It actually makes me feel better afterwards.  I say let it out whenever, where ever!

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Canadian Sandy
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When I was walking the halls one Day after my surgery i sat down and cried. Thank goodness only one person walked by. It came all of a sudden and couldn't stop It. We have all been through so much our bodies have to release some of the stress. Thinking of you Abita.

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I'm a very emotional person by nature, but being through all of the treatment, appointments, and frustrations, emotions always got the better of me and crying became an emotion that would come easy.  I'd cry at Hallmark commericals before, but started crying during State Farm Insurance commercials (joking) but you get my point.  It sometimes was hard to control.  When the doctor told me that my treatment was delayed because of low blood numbers, it was so devestating to me that a good cry was the only way to relieve my frustration.  You are normal.  Hoping you feel better and know that you aren't alone.


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