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I am Deirdre, a friend of Bobbi (derMaus).  I am so sad to tell you that Bobbi passed away on November 24. Though I was not with her, I was told by her cousin that she passed quietly and she was not in pain.

Bobbi spoke often of the women on this board and how much of a lifeline you had been for her.  You meant a great deal to her.  She remarked often how generous you were with support and knowledge.

Bobbi's family and friends miss her greatly.  It is hard for the heart to adjust to what the mind has already learned-- that a smart, graceful and brave woman slipped this plane far earlier than she and those who loved her were prepared for.

Be well.


Deirdre Wood McDermott



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    Oh my heart.

    Dierdre, thank you so much for letting us know.  Bobbi was absolutely BELOVED by all of us.  She was smart and fierce and coached so many of us through the toughest times. It was a blessing to get to know her.  My husband and I have prayed so hard for her, and we are thankful to know she was not in pain.  Do you have a link to an obituary or an address to which we might send memorial gifts or sympathy cards to her family?  If it's more comfortable, you can send that info in a CSN email to me if you're willing.  

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    I have lost someone special

    I knew this day would come but I so hoped it would not. Bobbi and I began our journey about the same time and she was such a cheerleader to me as she encouraged one to look at all the options and to stay positive. Her battle is done. I think now I better understand the phrase, rest in peace. So it is for our dear sister. She will be missed.




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    Thank you very much for letting us know. Our dear Bobbi was loved by all of us and will be terribly missed. 

    It is comforting to know that she was not in pain and passed quietly.

    Please let her family and friends know how sorry we are for their loss.

    Rest in peace, Bobbi. And, thank you so much for all of the wisdom and support you provided during your journey.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Thank you for letting us know

    Thank you for letting us know about Bobbi. I'm so glad to hear that Bobbi's final days were peaceful and without pain. She deserved a quiet end after all her difficulties.

    For those who didn't know, Bobbi spent her career in the public sector, helping women, refugee and immigrants, witnesses and victims of crimes, college employees with workforce issues, amongst others.

    So it's no surprise that when she joined this board she engaged so thoroughly with all the members and provided such strong support to those struggling with their diagnoses, treatments or recurrences. And we all benefited from her honesty about the treatments she had – both those that worked and those that didn't, especially when described in her inimitable style. I will miss sharing stories with her on the board and offline.

    And if she made such an impact on the board, I can only imagine how much more she meant to her family and friends and how sad they must feel now. My deepest condolences to all of them.

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    Knew this was coming, but didn't really want to face it. It's the most painful part of being on this board. We've all been missing her wit, humor, and fortitude in the face of all she's had to deal with; now it's gone, but will never be forgotten. This place feels a bit emptier at the moment. 

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    Such heartbreaking news

    Bobbi was one of the first women I "met" on this forum and I always found her posts so valuable and caring and strong and kind. While we sensed this was coming, it's still heartbreaking. I'm glad she was not in pain and her final hours were peaceful.

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    So sorry

    It's hard to hear this heart breaking news. I unrealistically thought Bobbi might rebound,, guess that's called denial. She has been such a positive influence on this discussion broad, she will be deeply missed. Deep Condolences to her family, friends and caregivers. She had such grace and courage during her life's journey and now her pain & suffering is over. She will not soon be forgotten. Hugs wherever she is. 

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    Heartbreaking News

    i genuinely wish this wasn’t true!  DerMaus had a warrior spirit and Fought so hard against this demon!  It is comforting to know she wasn’t in pain.  i am praying for her family and all the ladies on this board who found strength and support From her.  even though I never met her, I will miss her.

    God Bless and God Speed Bobbi!,

  • I'm so sorry for her and for her family and friends.

    I am an optimist, I never wanted to say it was the end for her.  I always looked for a break, in her cancer, to let her rally.  I am truly sorry for this news.  I guess I have nothing more to say except that she is highly respected by me.  Peace to all.

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    Thank you for letting us know

    Thank you for letting us know.  Bobbi was so special and will truly be missed. Rest in eternal peace, my friend. 



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    May Bobbie find peace in

    May Bobbie find peace in heaven. I am so glad she left us in no pain. She was a great fighter and will be missed on this site.

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. Bobbi had become a very special friend though we never got the chance to meet (almost one time when I was in CA ). I truly am heartbroken and will miss her so much. May we meet in heaven, my friend and may God wrap his arms around your friends and family who have truly lost a gem. I hate cancer. 

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    Deirdre, thank you for

    Deirdre, thank you for creating an account so you could come and share the news with all her sisters on the board.  

    While we all knew this day will come, it doesn't make it any easier to accept.  We have lost a beautiful, spunky soul here, and there are no words to describe that loss.  I do smile when I think of some of the PM messages we have shared.  There have been some interesting things on this board, and Bobbi had spirit that will live with us forever.  I'll try to remember this as I mourn our sister.  

    To Bobbi's family and friends, my heart breaks for your at your loss.  Thank you all for everything you did to support her.  You are in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this road.

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    My heart breaks for her

    My heart breaks for her family and friends.  She was taken away from them too soon, we always want just a little more time with our loved ones.  She sure had to deal with a lot, now she is resting and in peace.   May God's perpetual light shine on her.

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    So Sorry to Hear of Bobbi's Passing

    Sending my deepest condolences to Bobbi's family and friends.  I always enjoyed reading Bobbi's posts where her beautiful spirit was so readily apparent.  I will miss her greatly and am thankful to have crossed paths with her in life.  RIP, Bobbi. 

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    Thank you for letting us know

    Thank you for letting us know. I am so sorry and she will be greatly missed. I'm glad she was free from pain. We were so fortunate to have her here on the board.

  • Kathy G.
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    So incredibly sad...she was

    So incredibly sad...she was such a trooper!

    Words always fail me when one of us who fought so hard lost the battle.


    I am glad her passing was peaceful...she deserved that.


    Condolences to her family and friends..

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    Der Maus

    I always loved Bobbi's name.   She was such a fighter.  Sometimes we have no say in this battle.  She contributed so much to other women on this board.  Love to you Bobbi.  Brave mouse

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    Although relieved she was

    Although relieved she was comfortable and surrounded by those who loved her, it is still such sad, sad news. She will be missed!

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    I don't have the words to

    I don't have the words to describe how sad I am. I am going to miss her. I will miss her sense of humor, intelligence, and warmth. Thank you for letting us know about her profession, cmb. When I read your post, it made perfect sense. Of course she was an amazing person outside of this board. She was so young. This is not fair. My heart breaks for her friends and family.