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Newly diagnosed

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Hi. My name is Mary and I was recently diagnosed with 7.5cm tumor on right kidney with small thrombus in renal vein (T3b stage?). I am 59 year old female.  I am scheduled to have robotic assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy on Monday.  It has been a crazy few months.  I had gastric sleeve surgery in August, followed 3 weeks later by large bilateral pulmonary embolisms.  I was put on blood thinners in September after PE incident.  On Monday of this week, I noticed blood in my urine.  I had a scan Monday afternoon that identified the mass on my right kidney, another scan with barium and dye on Tuesday that confirmed diagnosis and no mets. Now scheduled for surgery on Monday.   

My doc said the embolisms might have been caused by the cancer and the blood thinner I'm on as a result likely caused the blood in my urine and the discovery of the cancer.   Pretty crazy.  

I am curious about recovery/back to work time for anyone who has had robotic/laproscoping radical nephrectomy.   Also any other suggestions on how to improve recovery is appreciated.  Finally, any experiences with adjuvant treatment post surger.y.  I will not see oncologist until after pathology is complete post surger.y.   

Thanks for you help,




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Welcome to the club no one in his tight mind would voluntrrt to join. I also had a full Neoh laprodcically 17 yeasrs ago when i was 59. Laproscopic, bit no robots then. I would guedd that you may be able to ease back to work after a couple of months. A lot fepend on your other health issues as well. Since I doubt your Doctors have had this surgery I would take their suggestioc with a gtain of dslt.Tell us a little about the work you do for perhaps a better answer.. May you have an uneventful surgery.






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thanks for your note.  I have an office job, lots of computer time and meetings.  I'm hopeful I can work from my home office for a bit and than get back to my work.   Having had laparoscopic stomach surgery in August, I know a little of what to expect, but this, I have been told, is a more extensive procedure.  i appreciate your note and advice. 

best regards,



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Hi Mary.  Sorry you are going through all this.  I am amazed that your dx and surgery are happening one week apart.  Thats fast.  At least you dont have to think about it for very long.

My husband was scheduled for the same surgery you are having.  They did a preop MRI and found a large thrombus in the vena cava.  So, its not like yours.  Im happy yours is small.  His surgery was delayed and they scheduled an open nephrectomy.  He was in the hospital for about 5 days.  He went to some meetings at work about a month after surgery.  He didnt have any complications.  He was very tired.  I think he worked half days for awhile, and finally felt like himself at 6 months.  

Back in 2012 when he had his surgery, they also did a bone scan and brain scan while he waited for the surgical date.  He was at a major medical center and i think they were quite thorough.

Its my understanding that there is no scientific evidence that adjuvant therapy helps.  You should ask your doctor for the case studies.  Frankly I dont think its good to deal with all those side effects unless you have to.  (Im not a doctor).  

My husband is still doing very well.  

I wish the best for you.  Just do what they tell you.  Walking, drinking, taking pain pills, and most importantly, get followup scans.  Go to an oncologist.  I will be thinking of you.

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Thanks so much for your note.  I was very happy they could fit me in for surgery so quickly.  I appreciate your note and happy to hear your husband is doing well.  Other than a little anxiety, I am happy to get this cancer out of me surgically so quickly.   Thanks, again.  


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Sorry you had to join us, but this is a great forum and it was a huge help and support to me when I was diagnosed. Hopefully it'll be for you, too. We're here if you have any questions or just need to vent. We made it through and we know you can, too! 

As for improving recovery from a laparoscopic radical nephrectomy, lots of rest, plenty of water, and as much walking as you can do. The walking is enormously helpful. I put an exciting audio book on my phone. Everytime I could do it, I'd shuffle back and forth around the house, listening to another chapter. But also, listen to your body. It will tell you when you need to take a break - try not to overdo it. 

As for going back to work, I needed a week of just straight recovery time. After a week, I could start working from home, doing computer time at my desk. By the next week, I was able to go in for four hour days. But as a_oaklee mentioned above, you will feel tired quickly post-neph. 

As for adjuvant therapy, talk to your doctor. My doctor and I discussed it and decided against it. He felt like there isn't enough evidence for its effectiveness in my situation. 

If you click through my profile, I posted my experience from my radical neph - if reading another person's experience would help. Anyways, good luck on Monday! But you won't need it - we know you're gonna do great! We're with you! 


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Wow. That is a lot to deal with. After my nephrectomy, I went back to work after 7 weeks. It was way to early. I ended up going off for another month or so. To be totally and completely healed....it took one year. This means no pains or sore spots. Be kind to yourself and take it slow. You don't want to go backwards.

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