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11 Years Ago

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11 Years ago, the day before Thanksgiving, I'd gone in for a colonoscopy because of rectal bleeding.  Well, long story short, it was the dreaded C word.  I've been through a lot and still am but I'm here 11 years later. 

This group has helped me so much in everything that I've gone through and some of it wasn't even cancer related.  There are so many wonderful people here that have so much knowledge and caring and will tell you exactly how it is without sugar coating things and that is one thing most doctor's won't do.  So for all the people here on this board, thank you for being the knowledge, understanding, tell all board that we depend on. 

I've learned so much from this board, shed a lot of tears through these 11 years for the people that I've come to know that are no longer here, advice I've received, and the warmth they've given me during my hard times, and the jubliant experiences. 

Thanksgiving is such a bitter/sweet time for me.  My most sweet time of remembering Thanksgiving is that I'm here 11 years later still celebrating and sharing it with my family, and another type of family right here, still with me every single day.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you.  For all of my other friends on this board outside the US, just remember I'm thankful for all of you.

Hugs!  Kim

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Dear Kim,

Thank you for your words of encouragement, support and describing your experiences. All of this helped me thorough my ordeal, which seems to be very similar to yours.

I echo your sentiments about the wonderful people and the support plus the tears for those who are no longer with us. This disease sucks but the help and support from people on the board has helped me get through it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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What stage are you?

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Still standing after 11 years is an inspiration to me.  Thank you for your helpful comments and support.  Congratulations.

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Canadian Sandy
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Thanks for all your support Annabelle. May you have many more years of Ned.

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Thanks for being here Kim, and congrats on the 11 years of hanging tough, and still being so thoughtful to and with the rest of us. Hope you have the best holidays, and that I'm here to read about your 22nd anniversary on this blog..........................................Dave

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to be 11 years post diagnoisis. 

May you see many more 11 years. 


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How wonderful to read your (encouraging) story here at the Thanksgiving holiday.  Thankyou for sharing!  

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That's awesome.  Here's to many more years.

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I'm still here 11 years later just to lend encouraging help to others on the board.  Although some treatment has changed in the 11 years since my treatment, there are many issues that I'm still able to help with.  One thing never changes for me in these 11 years though and that's my thoughts and prayers for you all daily. 


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Kim - I am soooo happy for you.  11 years NED is just..........., well there are no words.

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Kim, you are a bright light of cheer on this board. You are always encouraging and I appreciate all your comments. 

Happy Holidays!


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That is so fantastic and you are such a wonderful support to so many of us here on the board--it is very much appreciated!

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I never post anymore since George is gone but checked the board, saw your post and wanted to give you a shout out and a big hi and hug!!   It appears all is going well for you and that is so wonderful!!  Continued best wishes for health and happiness.


Hugs - Tina

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This is great to see and an inspiration for those that have been dealing with this wretched disease or those that are just starting their journey.  Here's to many more years.

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Joan M
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May you enjoy many more years of life free of this awful disease


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Thank you for being here. Your kind words, widom, sincere warmth, and experience is always so helpful to those who stumble upon this group, sometimes in our darkest hour. 

To me, you symbolize hope.

Congratulations!!! and thanks again.


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That's great news Kim. Of course I am tempted to call you an amateur seeing that we kinda 'know' each other. When you wrote "I've been through a lot and still am but I'm still here" it reminded me of some wise words someone told me when I was just starting out. She said that "Sometimes you have to go through things and not around them". It's certainly not exclusive to cancer but it does fit IMO.

You've always been very supportive of me and everyone else on this board. Keep on doing what you're doing and may you have another 11 years!


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