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Just Diagnosed Stage lV lots of liver mets

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I am 40yo and was just diagnosed stage 4 with an 8cm tumor in sigmoid colon and approx 15 tumors in my liver. obviously I am not a candidate for surgery anytime soon for my liver Mets. Has anyone on here had numerous liver tumors like me? I am starting chemo in December. They haven't mentioned anything about radiation treeatments. I am freaking out about the number of tumors in my liver. they said we would treat as a chronic disease. I feel like they aren't saying it but I am a hopeless case with all the Mets. no Other Mets were found though. I have 2 kids that are only 10 and 12 they still need their Mom. 

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So sorry you have found yourself here.  

First off, you are not a hopeless case. We have members here on the forum who have multiple liver (or lung) mets and are doing well, or have done well and put it all behind them, and you can join them. 

What treatment are they planning on having you on?  


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I am going to start 5FU, Avastin, Oxyplatin,  Scans after 4-6 treatments to see how/if it is working. I am to stay positive and research as much as I Can. thank you for the responses. It helps to hear from those that have been and Are going through this too. Any helpful tips for dealing with the Chemo? 

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I understand the panic. Chemo sucks, but it does usually shrink the tumors. I too am currently of the lifetime chemo group. There are a few different chemo regimins so they will find the right one for you. Radiation was never once mentioned to me, so I don't know why some get that and some don't.

I was on folfox for my recurrence of two small tumors in my liver. They were reduced to foci cells. Unfortunately, I had a lung met appear. While I was waiting to change to MSK, one of the liver tumors regrew, and a couple more lung tumors appeared. My new chemo is shrinkng the liver tumor at a pretty good pace. The lung tumors sharnk at first, then stayed the same. 

For me, I was much more panicked when in your position, both times when waiting to know what treatment I would be getting. Chemo is rough, but for me, once I had actions to take, I felt better. 

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You need to see a surgeon who does livers and specializes in cancer. They make a call on a survey. I was told immediately that I am not operatabke my oncolgyst. it depends on location. Chemo can reduce them. Re-evaluation. i had 60percent if liver removed. Grew back in 6 weeks. They also do HAI pumps In some rear places. The surgery was easier than chemo. 

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I have some in every lobe so hopefully the chemo will shrink enough of them I can have the surgery. When you say it grew back are you talking about your liver or more tumors after surgery? Thee is a liver surgeon at U of Mich which is where I am getting treatment but I haven't met with them yet. Just the colon surgeo. 

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The liver grows back.

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Sorry that you had to join our group, but you have come to a bunch of caring and knowledgeable people.  There is always hope so don't feel you are out of reach.  There will be others on here that have been where you are and they will chime in.  Wishing you the very best.


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Wishing you a complete recovery and benefit with treatment in every way. Be positive and stay strong...a positive mental attitude helps immensely, both physically and mentally. 

Take care 

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My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer mets to liver as well.  Been through a few surgeries, radiation, countless amount of different chemo.  She's still fighting it since 2015.  The main colon tumor was removed but she has multiple large mets in the liver.  Pretty much the whole right lobe is cancer but they still don't want to operate.  Earlier back in 2016 her liver tumors were small and they still don't want to operate because they said that the chemo is working.  Now it's huge and they don't want to do it either.  So my opinion is to push for surgery as much as you can.  Yes surgery is risky but having the tumor out of the body is way better then waiting to see if chemo works or not.  I trust the surgeons more than some chemo drug.  And if you have any questions about any specific medication then don't hessitate to ask.  My mom has been on ALL of the available ones.  I think we're at the hospital more than employees these days...heck I even get employee discounts at the cafeteria.

FYI, my mom is still active physically and mentally.  So I guess we can say that the chemo is working and she's "stable". 

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I had a upper colon tumor and a liver met that were removed surgically. I've had a few rounds of adjuvant FOLFOX. For me, the only really awful side effect has been anemia. I truly hate it but I'm having a better time than some.

I'm guesing that they don't want to remove yours through surgery because it may be too risky. Others are reporting the success of chemo in shrinking large tumors so there is hope for you.

My kids are around the same age as yours and they have been great. I've tried to present a strong front so they don't get too worried but I have been honest with them about the possibilities.


Good luck!

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When liver mets grew (biggest one is almost 4 cm)and not operable, neither chemo help. what to do next? Cry

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Joan M
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This was done on the right lobe of my liver.  The procedure is done by an interventional radiologist.    They can repeat the procedure if tumors come back. 

I had a microwave ablation on a tumor in the left lobe of liver. My liver has been clear of tumors for over 2 years.


If  your cancer is limited to your colon and liver, you have better chance if it hasn't spread to lungs and lymph system.  

Good luck to you!  

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I read your post, and I can only imagine what you are going through, but I can share my story.  I was diagnosed last year with stage 3a (anal cancer).  1 lymph node involvement.  I have two kids as well, ages 10 and 12 then.  My kids were different emotionally in their ability to take the information in. My oldest at home when the diagnosis came and was much more exposed to the angst in the house and the conversations that were happening.  My youngest was in summer camp at the time, and I tried to shield him more.  In hindsight, I would try to shield both kids more if I could do it over again.  But they did adapt well.  My treatment went well and thankfully now I am NED, and just scanning regularly.  My hospital has a group for kids where relatives have cancer.  Also, there is a summer camp for kids whose parents have cancer (if you think that would help your kids.)  You can always PM me if you want, and I will find the name of the camp.   I believe it is totally free.  I am glad that you are hooked up with a major hospital.  You have to be your own best advocate.  You can always get a second opinion if you have any doubts that you are getting the best treatment possible.  YOu can also reearch the best new treatments out there so you are as knowledgeable as possible.  the NCCN guidelines (for physicans) is a good start if you can find it for your cancer) as well as google scholar.   Please PM me if there is any time you want to just chat. 

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