Husband check in, checkmate immunotherapy.

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Husaand had scan two weeks ago. No new growth, srinkage of bone tumors. We are at 1.5 years. He is feeling better since we stopped the bone hardening additive. Blood work looks great.


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    He is stage 4

    We are at 1,5 years after kidney removal, gained 10 pounds, no new detection, all looking good so far.

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    Good news!

    Hope, encouragement, relief...all of the above.  Look what your post must do to newly diagnosed people that are in the same position; with a stage 4 diagnosis.  

    Thank you!  Blessings for continued good news.


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    Great news! Keep it going, Jeffris1! 

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    Happy to hear this! Good for

    Happy to hear this! Good for you.