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Thank you cmb

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Thank you so much for all of the work you've put into the tribute and FAQ posts. I can't imagine how much time you've put into this, but your effort means so much!

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Donna Faye
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I am so impressed with your work for all of us. Thank you so much. 

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Agree 100%!!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch!

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You've done so much for us, cmb -- thank you. What terrific resources to have gathered.

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Thank you very much CMB for all your time and contribution to the tribute page. Touching....


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Sometimes I wish we had a little "LIKE" button.  cmb has done a lot for all of us and it is truly appreciated.  

Fridays Child
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Agree 100%

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Vety awesome. Thank you!

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there has been times over the last couple of years that i have thought about those who have died that were a part of this group and looked back to remember them. Thanks to you the tribute page will make that easier for me and others who want to look back. 

Thank you for your time

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Kathy G.
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Every lady who has ever posted on this board has made a contribution by sharing her own unique journey.

We have all been able to relate to a certain diagnosis, treatment plan or hurdle, feelings of fear, anxiety, joy or happiness...

The women who have shared their personal battles have educated us, soothed our frazzled nerves and taken some of our fear and made it manageable.


We have benefitted from their help...


Your contributions with the CSN outages and most recently with the tribute page has added a new dimension to our board. You have connected the past with the present. I truly believe this is one of the more active CSN sites because of the long term committment of its members, and the work you have done on behalf of uterine cancer to make info more easily assessible.

I like to imagine that those who have passed are cheering on the newcomers & current survivors here...happy they were able to help...even if posthumously.


Thank you so much!



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First of all, thanks to Kathy G who first came up with the idea of a tribute page. I don't think I would have thought to create the page if she hadn't made the original comment.

I didn't start reading this board until I had finished treatment. And then I read many of the posts, starting back at the beginning of the board to the present. It was very sad to learn about members who passed away after I had read so many of their posts.

But like janaes, I've found myself going back to their posts occasionally over the past couple of years to re-read something that I recall they wrote.

Kathy is right – we all make contributions to the board in different ways that keep it vibrant and helpful. Looking back at the posts to gather the information for the tribute page was still a somber experience, knowing that these women were no longer with us. But their advice, heartaches and support for others live on here. Personally, I find that a comforting thought.

So thanks everyone for your appreciative remarks about the tribute and FAQ pages. I'm glad that others find them helpful too. And it was nice to make use of the library science degree that I never utilized in a professional capacity, except as an adjunct to my consulting work.

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Thanks for all that you have done and for helping us to remember our sister’s struggles and words of wisdom. 



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C, you are a hero around here.  Everyone's already said it more beautifully than I could, but thank you - for preserving the lost posts, for creating a beautiful legacy post, and for the FAQs.  Thank you for investing so much of your time and talent to benefit all of us.  Thank you for simplifying a lot of complicated things, for researching and sharing and tirelessly sticking with us all.  Can't ever thank you enough!!

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That was a great tribute.  A lot of great women that fought the good fight but their journey ended too soon.  They paved the way for those of us still fighting and gave lots of encouragement, love, caring and advice to all the newbies on here.  I think of them often and say little prayers for them and their families.  Thanks for doing this. trish

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