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22 months NED

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Had my 3rd 6 month post-op scan today. Not one single thing in either kidney. Starting this journey, I had 4 in my right (they took one out) and 2 in my left. Happy news......EXCEPT....they think it's Mets to my C7-T1 area of my spine (neck) incidental find of course. MRI on Dec 2 and go from there. Rad Dr was pretty insistent on Mets. Have also been watched for past 9 months for probable Thyroid cancer. Oh, and I dodged Breast Cancer. Biopsy was benign. 3 year journey from initial discovery of CCRCC continues on. 

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22 months NED is just the begining.







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Hopefully these are not mets! Your tumors were relatively small, right? So less chances these are mets...

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Hi Nana,

From your old posts, your tumor was only 2cm I think? What was the grade? It seems at 2cm it's very unlikely to met. But of course, nothing is certain so be wary. 

Please let us kow how it goes. Hope everything will turn out fine.


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What a mixed bag for you.  Try to think positive and stay strong.  One of the worst parts of this journey is the toll it takes as you ponder the "what if's".  

If you read my bio you'll see that during my pre-op baseline scans they found a spot on my thyroid.  Three days after my kidney surgery, they did a biopsy of my thyroid only to find papillary thyroid cancer.  A month later I had surgery.  Have they done a biopsy for you?

Good luck with everything going on.  Keep us updated.


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Prayers for great outcomes!   

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Stage 1 Grade 2 2cm was the finding of the CCRCC they removed.

Multi-goiter with several 'presumably' benign thyroid nodules measuring 2 & 3cm. 

Thyroid Ultrasound:

Location: Left low thyroid. Size up to: 0.7 cm

Composition: Solid or almost completely solid (2 points). 

Echogenicity: Hypoechoic (2 points). 

Taller than wide: Wider-than-tall (0 points).

Margins: Smooth (0 points).

Echogenic foci: None (0 points).

Total Score: 4 points. TI-RADS score: TR 4. Moderately Suspicious. FNA if > or = to 1.5 cm. Follow if > or = 1 cm.



TECHNIQUE: CONTRAST:  Isovue 370 80 mL

COMPARISON:  Thoracic MRI scan 5/22/2019

INDICATION: Gastro-esophageal reflux disease without esophagitis

FINDINGS: There is a vague low-density lesion in the posterior aspect of the C7 vertebral body measuring 7 mm. There is also a low-density lesion in the superior T1 vertebral body measuring 1 cm. These lesions were not definitely visualized on Thoracic MRI scan of 5/22/2019. Metastatic disease is a possibility as the patient has a history of neoplasm. Benign lesion such as hemangiomas are considered less likely. Follow-up cervical MRI or PET CT scan may be helpful if clinically indicated.

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