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Swollen lymph node clavicle

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Hi, I'm a new member not new to cancer.

diagnosed with fnhl stage 2a and ovarian cancer 3C in 2015.  Radiation to abdomen for the fnhl in 2017

I actually just had my onc appt in October.  Bloods were good 

along with CT.   a few days ago I noticed swelling (one side)

by my clavicle bone.   i do have a call into onc but thought I'd get some feedback here.  

For follicular lymphoma do you think they will they still watch and wait or maybe do a pet?  Just curious if I'm headed into 

Treatment again ?  

I have already been through chemo for the ovarian ugh.  So I'm hoping they can still just keep an

Eye on the swelling?  do lymph nodes do this because you have NHL or is it a sign that the lymphoma is growing or spreading?

If anyone has had a similar situation please let me know!







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For a single node - "IF" it is a relapse, they might just watch it. They might do a PET/CT to see how active it is. Might biopsy it. Or, since we are in the midst of cold and flu season (fighting virus #6 of 2019 as we speak), it might just be a node which is reacting to viral or bacterial infection. How long has it been there? If you just found it, it may have been there for quite some time, as nodes will occasionally remain enlarged, even after treatment. 

A whole lot of ifs there, huh?

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lots of "if's". But that's ok!  still helps me Know a little more 

of what I might be dealing with.

Hoping that's what it is...reaction to infection or something

It's only been a few days since I've noticed it so they will probably tell me to 

wait a bit and see if it's gone down at all.  

thank you!



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