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Thank you icemantoo for the informative video.  I have found that the more I know the less anxiety I have.  In 2017 I had an MRI r/t microscopic blood in my urine in which a small 0.5 x 0.6 x 0.5 cm tumor on the lower pole of my left kidney was found (unrelated to the blood in my urine-which I recently found out has increased).  The tumor as of this past week has remained stable and I continue with active surveillance-u/s every six months.  My u/s six months ago had shown growth, but a CT scan showed it had not grown and the measurements were incorrect. Watching the video I heard it stated that these tumors may not even grow? Has anyone here experienced or have heard this? Maybe still on active surveillance? and for how long?  Most times I forget about it, but occasionally will have the feeling that I have a ticking time bomb.

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Certainly not a ticking time bomb. After some research, im under the impression that even benign tumors can grow. Iv read that tumors can be dormant  for years and then grow. Now i take everything i read with a grain of salt. To be frank, the more i read the harder it was to decide LOL. I also chose active surveillance for a year with a 1.2 CM suspected tumor but even before my follow up CT ,  I had decided to have it removed no matter what the results. It had grown 2 MM in 8 months. Just be thankful that you are in this position to make this difficult decision as most are not. Its a different kind of making a decision type anxiety/stress. I totally get it! Have they addressed the micro blood in urine with bladder cystoscopy or other means?


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Hi Lexleigh, I am sorry you are here.  But your mass is so small and shall be fully curable. My mass was initially measured in 10x4x15 mm when it was identifed a year ago. I decided to go with an active surveillance first for 6 months, and then determined to go a robotic partial nephrectomy treatment regardless of change fo the mass. My doctor told me that there was no way to definitely know weather the mass was benign or malignant until it was taken out of my body.  Actually, the mass size remained unchanged in a follow-up CT scan ten month late, and was still measured at 15 mm in greatest dimension after it was removed out last September.  Hope you will make an informed decision on your treatment strategy. Good luck.

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