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Hubby is NED again! Was stage 4

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Hello all,

i think of you all daily. Richard just returned home from MDA for another 3 month checkup. He remains NED at this time. He is becoming more and more of himself each month. A couple of weekends ago he traveled a few hours from home with some old buddies for a friends 40th bday and a football game. He did this with no issues and had no problem saying he I have an ostomy And tacking crew of himself as needed. we Planned to get him a hotel that was across from the stadium so he could have a clean area for catching and if their was an emergency. He was so worried to go, but did andhad a wonderful weekend!I am so proud of him and how far he has come since July 2017. We asked the plan as far as scans if the cancer stays away. He will have 3 month scans for first 2 years. Years 3 & 4 will be 6 month scans. Years 5,6,7 will be yearly.richard has almost made it his first year of NED scans!!! They will also do a yearly colonoscopy. And we may be absolutely crazy...we just added two new puppies to our home. Now we have a 1.5 year old Golden Doodle, 2 8 week Gold Doodles and a 16 year old calico!!! Many thanks to you all

who have helped us get to this point!

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So glad to hear your husband is doing well. He needs to get out and make some good memeriers,glad his trip was fun. I wish you and him the best. I myself is at the early part of the journey but storys like yours gives me hope.. As time goes by and he does good write offen It gives others hope. Have a blessed day.

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This is fantastic news!!! So happy for you guys.

I’m looking forward to venturing out into the world more so hearing how well it went for your husband with the football outing is very encouraging. 

Keep up the good work and enjoy this time 


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So happy for you and your hubby! I have a labradoodle --Doodles are the best!!

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This is wonderful news. 

And what a super boost it must have been for him and for you, for him to get away and do some normal fun things. It is hard to be tied to the house, and when you realize you can get out and survive without any or too many disasters, well, it makes you feel like you are alive again. 

May he continue NED forever. 


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congratulations,and enjoy your life together!

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That is such great news.  So glad that he was able to enjoy himself without incident.  He probably will feel more confident next time.  Thank you for the update.


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I am so happy to hear this! You both have been through so much. May he be NED forever. Enjoy life!


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May you be NED forever!

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I am so happy for you and Richard! May he be NED forever!!! Oh and congrats on the new furbabies, you are not crazy you just have a lot of love to give!!!! 

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enjoy it and your new fur babies!,

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Thank you for your post! I love hearing stories that give me hope! I cried with happiness for you, Richard and all of your animals. We have three huskies, all brother and sisters along with 9, yes NINE rescue kitties ranging from 12 years old to 12 weeks. My daughter brought four kittens home from Grand Valley University, we found homes for two, and promises to bring back one next year when she has her own apartment. My husband Thad is falling in love with Matilda, so she might be staying. I have stage 4 rectal cancer with a permanent ostomy. I use the coloplast sensura mio click two piece. In some of my colon booklets from the hospital I found two cards, one for travel and one for emergency uses for cutting in line at public places and it does give me comfort if there is a problem I can use the restroom right away. 

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Didn't realize I hadn't responded here until now, but that's terrific Pamcakes. Nice to hear of NEDness, especially knowing how it brings a lift heading into holidays, and, of course, hubby having a great birthday and getting out with the boys, and doing normal stuff. Hoping it just keeps rolling, clear, out to the 50 year check, if there is such a thing, lol. Enjoy............................................................Dave

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Sorry, I have been away a bit, but congratulations!

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