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2 years now...great news!

randyradiohill's picture
Posts: 66
Joined: Aug 2017

This week is my  2 year cancerversary-partial neph-stage 3.  I had my scan yesterday and I'm still NED!  It's a huge relief to make it to year 2 with no reoccurance.  My doctor was thrilled and announced everything was clean the minute he walked in the room.  He know's how awful the waiting and anticipation can be.  Normally, I would now go to a yearly scan, but since I was stage 3, he wants to do 1 more 6 month followup, then if things remain clear, we'll scale back to once a year.  So now it's time to breathe again and enjoy .

stub1969's picture
Posts: 889
Joined: Jul 2016

Great news, Randy.  Thanks for letting us be part of your celebration!


DanielQ's picture
Posts: 32
Joined: Sep 2019

Thanks for sharing this great news with us!!

Allochka's picture
Posts: 951
Joined: Nov 2014

Great news! Congratulations! We have many Stage 3 members here who are NED long-term, this is fantastic and encouraging!

APny's picture
Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

Wonderful news! Many more happy NED reports :)

icemantoo's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

be omly the begining.







Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 706
Joined: Jul 2016

wishing you many more Ned scans!

Posts: 17
Joined: Feb 2019

That is great news !  I had my first half year check-up recently and it is NED.  I fully understand what you have experienced - the waiting and anticipation .

What a relief to hear that the result is NED.  And hope that we will have many many more NEDs in our future check-ups. Congrats again!

eug91's picture
Posts: 317
Joined: Jan 2019

That's awesome. Keep it going! 

daisybud's picture
Posts: 509
Joined: Jan 2016

Great news Randy!

Posts: 403
Joined: Nov 2016


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