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Hi everyone, wishing you all the best and hoping you are doing well.  Im sorry I don't visit or post as I once used to but ever snce my husband was diagnosed last March, we have been in a rollercoaster and just trying to live as normal a life as possible and everything related to "C" has taken so much space for us that at the moment it does not make much sense to me to spend more time on it and I know it might sound selfish but that is were we are today.  I think often of all of you, even the ones I hardly know, even the ones I don't know and are new... because I was there too and this was my miracle place!  

I promised to come tell you about my husband.  So he started Votrient 3 months ago. He had at diagnosis a 7cm tumor on right kidney  with rabhoid features and multiple mets in lungs and also in surrenal gland.  He has tolerated treatment fairly well,  with a series of severe secondary effects but not to the point of stopping treatment.  He has been living a pretty normal life considering but gets tired easily and hight blood pressure has been hard to manage but the good news is that on the 3month scan, the mets have almost all disappeared and the tumor mass has shrunk and now the doctors are contemplating a surgery that was not recommended at the time of diagnosis.  Next month is his 2nd scan and if treatment continues to be working well, surgery will be done after Xmas.  Meanwhile we are enjoying our friends, family and grandchildred and just enjoying life in general.

I send you all well wishes and caring thoughts. Be well!


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    That's wonderful news, marosa. Praying his healing continues, and that you and he continue to enjoy your lives together. 

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    That's such great news that

    That's such great news that the treatment is working and the mets have disappeared. Keeping you and husband in my thoughts that the surgery will take care of the rest. Hugs xo

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    Thanks for letting us know

    Yes, life does get in the way sometimes.  Glad things are looking up for you two.  Keep us in the loop-we care.

    Hugs, donna_lee


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    Wonderful news

    Sending good thoughts you way.

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    Welcome back

    And good to seee you are both coping and doing well.

    Stay Positive and stay in touch,

    Best Wishes, Fred

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! 

    Yes! Yes! Yes! 

    Wish he will get a surgery and continue to have a great response. 

    Thank you for letting us know. You are so strong!

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    Great news!

    Keep us posted & Keep it up! 

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    Good news!

    Hope and pray the healing continues.