My dad.

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i peed blood 3 years ago, had surgery and joined the club. It’s been up and down since. I wouldn’t have wished this on anyone. Tonight, I learned that my dad has been peeing blood for 4 months. Blood clots, same symptoms, everything. Saw the doc and tested normal, so no one did anything. He scans on Tuesday. I’m totally freaked out.


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    oh man-

    I'm so sorry, CRashster. But keep your hopes up - the scans will give you the info you need to take the next steps. You made it through, so there's no reason he can't too. 

    Saying prayers for you and your dad. 

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    Better late than never

    I hope it is something else, but better to know so they can treat it - shame these things sometimes still go undetected for so long.

    Stay strong

    Best Wishes,Fred

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    Waiting game

    It's a little different this time, I'm sure, but the waiting game hits again.  Wishing your dad good fortune on Tuesday.  Keep us posted.


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    I hope its a kidney stone and

    I hope its a kidney stone and not the "C" word. Wishing you some good news. Hope your health is doing well! 


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    Be Strong Man!

    Be strong! 

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    Prayers going up

    Keep us posted.  



  • CRashster
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    He has bladder cancer. Surgery is Tuesday. We will get him through it.

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    Good luck to your dad. Heard

    Good luck to your dad. Heard that bladder cancer is very treatable!

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    Sorry to hear

    About your Dad. I know you will be one of his best encourages cause you've been through this.

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    Aww.. so sorry for what your

    Aww.. so sorry for what your dad is going through. How scary for you and your family!

    Keep us informed, if you want. We'll be here for you too!

    Healing hugs, Jan

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    Oooh I am so sorry about your

    Oooh I am so sorry about your Dad. I am glad they found it and are treating him though. I wish you all the best!