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Erectile dysfunction

Georges Calvez
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Hi everybody,

I was chatting to Tigger about the future and I mentioned that I suffered from erectile dysfunction.
He started off about waiting for the Firmagon to wear off and my testosterone to return and to see if anything happened naturally, I then pointed out that he had sliced out both of my nerve bundles during the prostatectomy and the only likely way forward is Caverject or a French product that is as far as I can see an equivalent called Edex.
He was ready to write me out a prescription there and then but I said that I wanted to talk to my wife first and I hoped that some measure of physical eroticism would return if my testosterone returns so we decided to leave it to March.
I have a packet of Cialis from a previous encounter to try sometime and I think I could get Pooh to give me some Viagra!
Doctors, they are almost too obliging sometimes. :-)
Hopefully this thread can stick to the subject of erectile dysfunction and not wander off into the contested territories of radiation versus RP, etc

Best wishes,


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Greetings Georges,


Would Trimix work for those whose nerves were not spared? I know of the pros and cons of Trimix, but know nothing on the effects  on those with non sparing surgery. As for me my Doc has me on 20mg of Viagra a day , with taking a Super dose (100mg) once a week. Today, I’m 7 weeks post op and at 80%-85% of erectile efficiency.  


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Max Former Hodg...
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I took Trimix off-and-on for the first six months after DaVinci.  I do not know if it is recommended for guys who had the nerves cut....    It reportedly works for around 90% of guys who had neerve-sparing, even if they are getting zero erections without it.   I do not believe it is intended for permanent use.

I never took Viagra, but my doc put me on Cialis the week after I got off the cath, said it is helpful for the blood flow, even if there is no visible response.  After a year or so, I had about 80% normal function. At 5 years now, it is closer to about 95% pre-surgical, with no drugs.  I know I have been luckier than some.

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I think you want us to treat this thread with positive experiences instead of blaming the chosen treatment. But in PCa radical therapies there are no winners when ED is the theme for discussion. We all fair badly with some guys doing better than others, however, no one will ever return to their earlier status. We just try to adapt to the conditions of the newer us and get the best we can to reach a satisfactory goal.

Nerve spare techniques in RP may help in reducing ED but not in everyone. RT also conditions the way we have sex as it leads to dry orgasms. Age and other factors in the family may accentuate the ED issue. I used viagra and pump some times for timely erections and they worked well in spite of my radical status. The low levels of testosterone have nothing to do with erections but with libido. In any case one can mimic to reach arousing proportions and helping to get to there. Our partners also can influence the process if they are willing.
Maybe I was a lucky guy as Max comments. I was young (50) at the time of RP and saw natural erections occurring just 15 days post op. Surely these were not as before. They pointed to a 4 and 5 o'clock direction and were maintained for a shorter period of about 10 to 15 minutes, but they existed on a daily basis. Later at the time of ADT (at my 60) sex become lesser prevalent and the erections follow suit. Today (at 70) I seldom have sex. Errections take longer to occur but we manage to reach to a satisfactory end without tools.



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in my surgical aftermath of prostate removal, I used TRIMIX and was getting 60-70% of pre surgery erections. Started with 10 units or 0.10 ml in diabetic syringe and went to 25 units or 0.25 ml but quality of my erection never improved to past 70%. TRIMIX was very painful for me from day of 1st injection. While engaging in sex, I could not go longer then 10 min max because of pain.

My penis was in pain for up to 24  hours from injectinG. I injected TRIMIX 53 times. i was suffering pain in hope that TRIMIX will wake up my penis. After that,  I switched to BIMIX which never produced usable erection, even at 45 units, nothing more then a bit of thicker penis.

i injected BIMIX 108 times. I injected my penis total of 161 times Before I got my implant.

Just to mention, my RP was with nerve sparing and I never experienced any sign of life from my penis.


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