IMPRESSION: No evidence of recurrent disease.

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Is there any more beautiful phrase in the English language! Had my scan last week. its been 3 1/2 years since my diagnosis. I’ve endured chemo, radiation, surgeries, and yet more chemo and surgeries! This is my life and I will fight for it.

Here’s to you all. Sending you, my supporters and life lines, love and strength! NED for everyone!




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    Fantastic news. so happy for

    Fantastic news. so happy for you. xx

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     That is how happy I am to

    image That is how happy I am to read your post. 

    Congratualations!  May you be NED forever. 


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    Happy Nedness. Here's to

    Happy Nedness. Here's to endless Neditude!!!!!.........................................................Dave

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    Congratulations.  Time to celebrate!

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    Big congrats,

    and huge hug from Suzy

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    You are right - what beautiful words.  So happy for you.  Time for you to go out and celebrate your wonderful report.  Thank you for the update.


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    Doing a happy dance for you!! May we all be blessed with NED forever!

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    So happy to hear your good news!!

    Best news ever, congratulations !

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    That's wonderful news!

    That's wonderful news! Congratulations on NED!!!

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    That is really great news, I

    That is really great news, I'm smiling for you :))

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    I Love Posting These



    So psyched for you.  Awesome news.

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    Thanks everyone!

    i saw my oncologist today. He said blood work was great and scan shows No evidence of disease.

    wonderful news!

    however, it’s been 3 months since my last appt and in that time my doctor’s own health has declined. He’s lost an incredible amount of weight and is wearing a ball cap to cover his bald head. Of course I could not ask but I think he’s fighting a fight as well. That took a bit of the joy out of my day.

    i hate cancer!


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    Wonderful news

    That is such great news!  So very happy for you!  May you forever be NED!