how does Prostate removal compare with Kidney reMoval

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17 years ago I had Surgery to remive my Kudney. Monday I am having mu Prostate removed. How do the 2 operations compare? 59 then, 76 now.








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    I will assume that you had

    I will assume that you had one kidney removed, and that the other one has taken up the slack, and that you have normal kidney function?

    If that is your case, then you have no real changes to your life from losing your kidney. In contrast, prostate removal would have significant effects on your quality of life. You could end up incontinent, impotent, or both.

    Who is suggesting prostate removal for a 76 year old? That is highly unusual. Radiation or hormones is usually offered.

    My advice is that you do not rush into a prostate removal, but seek more opinions, especially from radiologists.

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    Appropriate treatment

    Hi Iceman,

    As to being too old for surgery that depends on your medical history and your cancer situation.  Some people have surgeries well past 76 as long as your health is good. Also too, both radiation and surgery have risks, if you follow the posts Steve1961 he was very dissatisfied with his radiation.  Other people have had good results with surgery or radiation, you have to see which treatment protocol fits your situation.

    Scare tatics about one type of treatment or another are just that so take it with a grain of salt.

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