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Complex Hyperplasia with Atypia/**New Diagnosis Post Op - Endometrial Adenocarcinoma Stage 1-A

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Hello All!  I am obviously new here!  Hoping that all of you are well in spirit and fighting with all of your might!!  I never thought the day would come that I would be worried about cancer!  I have been having extremely  heavy periods and going through all signs of perimenopause - sleeplessness, weight gain in my belly; despite making good food choices.  For the past two years, I would only have a cycle for about six months and then hibernate the other six months.  I thought... no big deal until May of this year......I have been bleeding non-stop since May!  The volume varies from heavy to light spotting to dark with odor.  Sorry....so gross!!  Long story short...my PCP (primary care physician) referred me to get a vaginal ultrasound and sent me to an OB/GYN.  Ultrasound came back normal.  Pap came back normal. Since my endometrium measures 14MM, my gynocologist scheduled me for a EB.  I received the results of Complex Hyperplasia with Atypia :(   I have since been referred to an Oncologist GYN for a radical hysterectomy.  My appt is 10/7 and I have never been so terrified!!  I have read that about 45% of people with this diagnosis are re-diagnosed at the time of thier hysterectomy with having Endometrail Cancer.  The wait is excruciating and I am so very worried that my constant bleeding is a sure sign that it is cancer and the biopsy didn't capture the cancer cells.  What is your experience - curios to know.  I am also concerned with going into surgery induced menopause....perimenopause is bad enough.  Again, I will fight like hell!  Thanks for your time and your thoughts!  Sorry so graphic but I want others who may be experiencing the same to know they are not alone.  

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Everything is realative.  I celebrated that my grade 3 cancer was a stage 1a. 

I, too, had numbness postop in my left upper thigh. Can't remember how long it lasted but it did go away. 

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Not identified means they didn't see any LVSI.  This is wonderful news.  I'm not sure you need any further treatment!  Hooray!  Caught early, not high grade, all out.  Mazal Tov!

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I am so happy to hear your “second best” diagnosis!!! I am sorry your doctor’s staff could think of a way to give you your pathology results sooner!

Good for you for advocating for yourself and getting your results from medical records at hospital. No one should have to wait until their doctor gets back in town. 

I also had a tightness feeling and some weakness in my left groin after my surgery. I think I had it for a year. It is gone thank goodness!

You have a positive attitude and outlook on your health, so live your best life and don’t forget that you too can help another uterine cancer survivor in some small way.

Live strong Heather! ((Hug))



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