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Very concerned

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Hello, hopefully I am allowed to post here.

I am a 24y/o male and I've been having GI issues for about 2 months. Pretty much always diarrhea, been feeling kind of off recently, some mornings nauseous and my stomach/intestines have been making weird sounds and gaseous noises. As I lay here typing this out, my gut keeps making churning and making bubbling sounds. I have been gassy and the odor is different from anything I've ever smelled.

I recently had bloodwork done and it all came back normal. However, I also had a fecal hemo-occult test (blood in the stool test) and it all came back positive. I do not believe it is a false positive because my stool (splattery and liquidy) appears brighter/lighter than it has before and almost has an orange color. I imagine this is because there is blood mixed in during the digestion process.

I have anxiety problems as it is. I am incredibly worried that I have colon cancer. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I know only a medical professional can give me truly meaningful insight, but I am panicking badly and am not having a good time. I am extremely concerned. It feels like I've already been given a death sentence. I am very panicky.

I know I will very likely need a colonoscopy. I am petrified of surgery and anesthesia. I am scared I will die during surgery. My grandmother had surgery a few years ago for something and the anesthesia almost killed her.

No one in my family has a history of colon cancer, but I am still very worried.

Any words of advice or similar stories would help me immensely right now.

Thank you.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. I have a son only a couple years younger than you. I don't know anything about what your symptoms could be but I would defintiley consult with your GI doctor and do a colonoscopy. There are other things besides colon cancer it could be, cso I would make sure to go see a Gastro and find out what it could be. Good luck and hope you get your answers soon.

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You should have a colonoscopy as that will give a good indication as to what, if anything, is going on.  You are young so that is on your side.  The unknown is always scary so it's best that a doctor can give you some insight.  They usually use propofal which is an easy sedation to wake up to.  Usually you are good to go home shortly after completion of the test.  If you decide to get the test, let us know and we can give you a little more information on what to expect.  Wishing you the best.


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Hello Kim,

I have scheduled the colonoscopy. I assume you have had this kind of procedure done before? What should I be looking out for, and what advice can you give? I'm concerned about all of it, from prep to the surgery to waking up from the sedation. Will I need to be breathed for?

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They have different drugs to put you to sleep with. and for a scope it would be a lot less then your grandma had. So if you have a problem they will catch it and give you something for side effects. Don't worry about that part. I was scared too, had my first one at 63. The test is not as scary as you think. At this point you don't have to worry about surgery. So We pray you'll be ok. I had the bad stomach issues , couldn't get anyone to help me for a year and half. It that amount of time it did damage my colon.. I'm glad you are getting your scope in a timely matter. You just might need some good antibotic. Be sure to take a probiotic with them and after. Your a smart young man ,take care of yourself and let us know . we will help anyway we can.

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Thank you Cinda. This is all very frightening for me. I will keep you all updated in the coming days.


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Don't be worried about the colonoscopy, I'd rather have one done then going to the dentist, super easy.  The hardest part, was the day before when your given the drink to clean you out.  Don't plan on going far from a toilet.  The actual exam was completely painless.  I was given an injection in my arm, immediately laid down on my side and next thing I know they're telling me to go ahead and get dressed.  I was a bit out of it, the rest of the day, just went home and went to sleep.  No problems with the exam, whatsoever.  So don't worry about it.

Reagarding your symptoms, my wife's only problem was some rectal bleeding and at her age and physical fitness level, we were sure it was just hemorrhoids.  A 5 min. rectal exam changed our lives forever.

Moral of the story, don't sweat the colonoscopy.



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 Hello friends,

You were all correct. The prep was hellishly bad. Just disgusting tasting, the actual bathroom usage was fine.

The doctor said I have moderate IBD; frankly that's about the best thing I could've asked for. Few small polyps, awaiting biopsy results (doctor says not to worry), but I'm hopeful this medication makes things normal again.

The actual colonoscopy was a cinch. Nothing to it, the actual sleeping part was pretty refreshing. Like a nice power nap.

Thank you all for the support during this scary time. It means the world.

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So glad that there is nothing to worry about cancer wise.  There are many things that can help IBD, and although not a picnic either, it's better than cancer so I'm happy for you. 

Glad that you got through the procedure ok too, that is actually the easiest part.

If you ever need our support on issues in the future, don't hesitate to ask away.  Continued good health and thank you for the update.


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This is happy news indeed.  

Of course, IBS is no fun, but as you well know, it is better than a Cancer diagnosis. 

I hope the medication makes life comfortable for you.  And I am happy our aquaintance was brief.  May you never have to come back. 

Happy life!


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Glad it's resolved to a thing that's manageable and not cancer. Hope this brings you peace and a new sense of joy for life, as someone who knows what the other road is all about. Good Luck!!.....................................Dave

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