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6 month Follow-up

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Well, I went to my 6 month follow-up yesterday.  Basically the same questions, how is your flow; continence; how is the sex-life; already knew my PSA was undetectable.  I told them I was fine.  They said when I come back in March of 2020, if all is good, I will go from a 6 month check-up to an annual.  They knew about my left inguinal hernia issue and that I was waiting to be scheduled for surgery.  They said the RARP could have caused the hernia issue.  So, I got out of there feeling good and headed camping to see my granddaughter at Clemson for a few days.  Will let you folks know how the hernia issue comes out.  Smile, I am.

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Congratulations and best wishes for continued zeros.
I have a milestone coming up as well on the 25 with a PSA test after eighteen months on Firmagon, I think Huw has one as well.

Best wishes,


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Good to hear.  Best wishes.

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That is awesome news!  I hope the hernia surgery goes smoothly.

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I would think that all numbers are good to justify the lower need in follow ups moving from six months to annually. Let’s celebrate.

Best wishes



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Great news especially with the Holidays right around the corner, CONGRATS!

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