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Helpful program

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Is anyone listening to NPR On Point right now?  The discussion is "Life After Surviving Cancer" and covers " On the other side of cancer treatment, survivors can face new challenges and fears. We look at ways to help."  This subject often comes up here andI found the program most interesting. If you missed it, the site said audio will be available soon. I'm sorry I never learned to post links ( must ask my grandson for a tutorial). but I found it by typing in NPR On Point. 

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I'll check out the replay.

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Thanks, Connie.  

If you have speakers, you might be able to click on the link below to listen (46.58)



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So helpful!

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Thanks, NoTime, for the link to the podcast so that I didn't have to track it down myself. I just listened to it and found it very interesting. Among other things, the discussion mentioned clinical trials for cancer survivorship – not a topic that I had thought much about previously.

The podcast site also mentions the Wall Street Journal articles by Laura Landro, one of the participants. Most public libraries have electronic collections of newpapers like WSJ. So if you'd like to read the full articles, look for these articles' titles in your library's newspaper database:

Wall Street Journal, September 16, 2019:

You've Survived Cancer. What Comes Next? 

My Tale as a Cancer Survivor

Thanks again, Connie, for bringing the session to our attention.

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Thanks Connie!   I want to try to get it.  I did see something about it but wasn’t sure when it was on.  

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