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Just sharing

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My wife (64) had her right kidney removed at the end of August, scans had indicated a 3.9 cm mass in the enter of the kidney and the rest of the kidney didn't look great. We received the pathology report a couple of weeks ago: RCC with a 6.2 cm mass, stage 2 focally extended to renal sinus and renal vein, ureteral margins and vessel margins negative for RCC, no lymphovascular involvement identified pT3a, pNX. Baseline blood work and scans completed. Sutent has been recommended as next step, waiting for insurance approval......side affects have been shared with us. What they noted as most common is nausea. We are aware that a lot of "things" can determine side affects, such as overall health. We are both healthy and eat well. Thought we would share and read about others. God Bless

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Sorry to hear what you are both going through.  I want you to know that its common to not take any drugs when you no longer have cancer.   Ive heard of this before, and in fact there have been clinical trials to find out if the drugs help prevent recurrence.  You might want to ask about this, and also see a urologic oncologist.  You will always be the one making the decisions and its scary to be given choices of treatment.  Its one of the most unsettling things my husband and i went through.  Best wishes to both of you.

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Sorry that you had to join us, but this is a great forum. We know what you're going through, so feel free to ask questions or chat or even just vent. 

Since your wife's is stage 2, it sounds like you're going to have adjuvant therapy - where you get sutent after your nephrectomy with the idea of staving off any recurrence before it can happen. Different doctors have different opinions on its effectiveness and whether it's necessary, so it's up to you and your doctor. 

Good luck to you and your wife - and continued healing!

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Welcome, Tommy.  I'm glad you reached out to us.  This is certainly a scary time for your family, as it was for all of us when we were first diagnosed.  Normally, I tell newbies to avoid the dreaded Google for answers, but I'd like to ask you to do some research on the use of these drugs as a preventative measure.  I'd also like you to visit <smartpatients.com>. There have been several threads on there that talk about this topic.  I think you'll be both enlightened and empowered with new knowledge.

Wishing you and your family only the best!


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Very well said Stub.  Good recommendation.

Eug:  I agree with you that there are differing opinions on everything when it comes to health care.  Thats why my husband and I went to a major medical center to see a urologic oncologist who sees lots of RCC  and knows whats current.  We live in a small town and our local oncologist doesnt have a clue.  Thankfully he takes instruction/direction from the expert.  It saves us some traveling.  But like you said, everyone makes the decisions they think are best.  Its so difficult to know what to do as a newbie.  

Best wishes to everyone.

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