Confusing scans

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i has an u/s for gall bladder issues that also ended up showing a 

complex hypodense lesion with exogenic minimally shadowing center in the subcortical right upper pole. It measured 2.5 cm in right kidney.

i then was sent for a ct scan but in the meantime had my gallbladder removed. The ct scan (with contrast) says kidneys unremarkable. 


I dont have a f/u appt for another two weeks. Why would something appear on ultrasound and then ct scan says unremarkable? 

Should I request repeat imaging? Do the ultrasound results warrant any concern? I know it’s small in size, which is good. I had a previous ultrasound 15 months ago and it wasn’t there then.




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    It does sound confusing.

    I would poimt out this inconsistancy to the Dt. who ordered these scans and ask for an explanation.







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    Smart question

    I agree with questioning the ultrasound report.  Talk to your doctor.  Your doctor could request the radiologist to take a second look at your CT scan alongside your ultrasound.  We have had to do this one time.  We have found that sometimes the radiologist is not given very much history.   It would be nice to know what the spot in the ultrasound is.

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    Sort it out

    Conflicting or ambiguous diagnoses are not much use.

    Get your physician to request whatever tests it takes to see if there is a problem or not.

    Don't die wandering....

    Best Wishes Fred