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Platinum in the skin?

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Somehow, I always figured chemo got deposited in the nerves, and that was why it was so hard for many to overcome neuropathy.  This abstact only says that 60 months after treatment, the platinum is still found in the skin.  That is interesting and maybe it can lead to better treatment for neuropathy.  (For what it is worth.)


Platinum was readily detectable in skin biopsies more than 60 months post-completion of FOLFOX. This is the first demonstration of platinum deposition in skin post-oxaliplatin treatment and it provides a possible mechanism for oxaliplatin-induced peripheral sensory neuropathy and its persistence.

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Really, that is just plain scary. 

People often ask me why I think I have side effects so long after chemo.  I swear, we don't know the half of what some of those chemicals (elements) are doing to our bodies. 

Thanks, Sandia. 


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I know not related but La Prairie has a Platinum Skin Care line that is supposed to be very beneficial to the skin itself.  It is very, very expensive.  Makes me wonder if it is b.s. or really great for the skin?

Platinum must do something good if it is used in chemotherapy and La Prairie researchers in Switzerland have worked on it for years to use it as an anti-aging element.

they charge $1,245.00 for 1.7 ounces.  Makes you wonder?

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lets get two bottles   !

That is crazy. 


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I also see that platinum was detected in  the plasma 4/12 of the test subjects 63 months out--that is frightening as well.  Considering how vital blood plasma is--makes you wonder how platinum effects how well plasma can rid the body of waste as well as its role in the immune system and blood clotting. Sometimes I think cancer patients are nothing more than lucrative guinea pigs for Big Pharma. 

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That is insane.  When my doctor told me that my neuropathy was "just" a nusiance, which was caused by the Oxi, and wouldn't reduce it, that worried me, but never said anything because she was the doctor.  Wish she could experience this "nusiance" 10 years later like me.  It just doesn't surprise me though, however I'm not going to have my skin tested.


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A lot of metals exist in us, some essential for life, but if they're in the wrong amounts, in the wrong places, toxicity. So yeah I believe platinum and nerves may not be good buddies, and a heavy metal is certainly hard for the body to eliminate. We already know the damage accumulating lead can have on a nervous system, so platinum winding up in tissue, makes sense to me...........................................Dave

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