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worried I have colon cancer, please help!

Anonymous user (not verified)

I usually post on the uterine cancer board because in december 2017, I was diagnosed with stage1a uterine cancer.  Had adenocarcinoma that had not spread so a total hysterectomy was done and it took me a year to recover.  Lost ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes and of course, uterus.


Pathology said no lymph node invasion so no further treatment was needed.  I now go for checkups every 6 months.......


My problem:  I have always had rectal bleeding.  It started when I was just 18 years old.  I am 61 now.  I have never ignored it and looked into it with doctors and GI doctors.


since the hysterectomy (maybe a coincidence)?  I have spotting of blood on the toilet paper about once every one to 2 weeks.  Sometimes I can go three weeks or even a month.  I talked to my Oncologist about it and he said it's probably hemorroids and my gyno said the same thing.


I did see a gastroenterologist that did an exam in the office.  He said I have both internal and external hemorroids and gave me some cream to put up there.  I don't think it helps with the bleeding if that is where the bleeding is coming from.  I have prolapsed hemorrids he said and also said seeing I am 61, I need a colonoscopy.  I told him I take Lactulose because I have chronic constipation and because of the total hysterectomy they don't want me to get a Rectocele and so I am going to the bathroom about every 2 days.

sometimes I have pencil stool which concerns me but I know the hemorroids are huge and I actually saw one!  (sorry for the too much info) I just don't know who to talk to.Frown


Now fast forward, I run on a treadmill at the gym 2 or 3 times a week.  I had to stop running because I noticed blood (just speckles) on my underwear afterward.  Even at high incline, I still see some blood.  I run about 5 miles an hour.


Yesterday was the worst thing.  I went to the mall and bought a long coat.  It was heavy and I was holding my heavy purse, and my other jacket because I was too warm.  I felt like I was straining myself to even walk.  I went to the bathroom and saw "spots" on the toilet paper again and this upset me.


This morning, I had a bowel movement.  It was pencil thin and coated in blood!  I am so upset.  I don't know if it's the hemorroids or cancer.

I am calling tomorrow to see if I can get a colonoscopy scheduled.

My question is: if you have colon cancer, does it bleed even without a bowel movement or with just exercise?


Please help.  I am so upset and beside myself.  The doctor that intially gave me the hemorroid cream said he didn't feel the cancer from the uterus spread because everything was clean except for hyperplasia with atypia and a very early cancer arising in the background of it.

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I think that the best for you is to make that colonoscopy appointment. You need to get your peace of mind,and other cancer patients cannot give it to you. We can only guess. 

But I can tell you from my experience that I had anal bleeding for some time ONLY with having bowel movement. The blood had been on the top of the stool or sometimes mixed it with it. Plus on toilet paper after wiping. Never just spots on my underware.

Please make an appointment and in the meantime try to stay calm as much as possible.

Wish you all the best,


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Get a colonoscopy and put your mind at ease.  Even if we all answered yes, to your question, you would still be wondering. 

And for me, the answer is no, I have only ever had bleeding with a bowel movement, but at the end of the day that means nothing other than 'I' haven't..... 

Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry your here with all your worries, but it really is the best place. Loads of honest to goodness people willing to help. 


Anonymous user (not verified)

I appreciate it, Ladies.  Now the next thing is the prep.  I went to two doctors just for consultation and yuck.Undecided

One wants me to drink Milk of Magnesia for 4 days before the test and the day before the test, to drink gatorade mixed with a bottle of Miralax and take 4 ducolax pills.  Oy....


The other doctor said to ship the Milk of Magnesia but take the Gatorade with the Miralax and 2 dulcolax pills.


I don't weigh very much.  Only 95 pounds and I'm 5' 4" tall.  I have a very limited diet because I have gastropareis and I don't eat a whole lot.

I did have a colonoscopy about 20 years ago and threw up for 2 days from Magnesium citrate and it was awful.  couldnt keep anything down - not even jello.

I am so afaid of this test.  The pain was awful and I found out that because of my hysterectomy my colon has shifted into where my uterus used to be.  Will that make it more difficult?

sorry for all the hysteria.  I have no one to talk to about this.  My mother died 5 months ago and we used to talk about this stuff all the time and she was the support and rock I broke myself up against.  she's gone and I feel very alone.

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You are not being hysterical, your concerns are valid and you must own them, not apologise for them. 

Remember, we understand, becasue your fears have been our fears. 

There is no way of getting around the prep, unfortunately. But, there are several preps out there, and one may work well for you.  If you already know you have a negative reaction to Mag Citrate, then I have no doubt you have talked to the GI Doctor about it. I am sure someone on the forum has done the Milk of Magnesia/Gatorade/Mirilax and may have soem advice.   I personally have taken GOLYTELY, which I threw up all over the wall, and SUPREP, which works very well for me personally.   You could ask about them, and how they would affect you with your current medical problem. 

My heart aches for your loss. It is very new and very raw.  I am sure you still talk to your mother, and she hears you. She will speak to you in the silence of your heart. I know it is not the same as her physical presence; but be assured, she is still your rock and support.  She may even speak to you though us. You will know her voice. 

Be good to yourself as you mourn, and don't feel rushed. 

Have you tried that new fecal test? I think its called Cologuard.  It would be a start and non-invasie. 

Wishing you the best as you move forward. 


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Welcome to the board and sorry you had to come from another area of this site.  We all have major concerns once diagnosed with this terrible disease.  Blood on toilet paper or stool should always be followed up with some type of test and a colonoscopy is the right test to put your mind at ease.  Mine was rectal cancer so blood in my stool was my first indication that something was wrong, but mine was not hemorroids like your doctor confirmed you had.  My son had rectal bleeding as well and when he went in for his colonoscopy they confirmed it was just his hemorroids that kept bleeding.  If you strain, they can also put a burden on any aggravation that is going on down there.  Get it checked out just to make sure that all is well.  I'll be waiting to hear the good news after your test.  Wishing you the best.


Anonymous user (not verified)

Cool for being so nice.  I probably sound like a lunatic.  but so glad everyone understands.  

Mother kept telling me I should go but I was so busy taking care of her, I forgot all about it and when things seem "normal," then I tend to forget about myself and was just focused on her.

the cologuard is something that I see advertised, but neither of the two doctors ever mentioned that.  I know it is probably not that accurate.  I do have a special digestive problem that I have had all my life so that's why it's so difficult for me to do this.  However, I know it should be done

I am afraid of the Suprep.  My husband had that.  nightmare!  I know I can keep down the gatorade and hopefully the miralax.  The laxative pills?  Not so sure.  I have to try.

thanks for your sympathy about my mother. Yes it is very fresh and raw.  I am really at a loss about this whole thing.  she lived to be 93 and never had a colonoscopy but she always told me to go along with mammograms and all that stuff.

When I got cancer,she just could not believe it.  the hysterectomy was very rough on me and probably worse for her to see me like that with some complications I had.

thank you for being so kind


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Is your name a reference to the shoes?

Anonymous user (not verified)

Yes, it is.  I love Christian Louboutin!Tongue Out  I own 8 pairs and counting.  also 2 of his handbags.  He's awesome.


back on topic:  I got my appointment for the colonoscopy it is October 31.  I guess no Halloween candy for me........Frown

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You will be all done by the time the candy gets handed out. 

I'm glad you went ahead and got it scheduled.  


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Good and I'm glad it's all scheduled.  You can refrigerate to help if you want.  My doctor wants me to do the golytely with the lemon packet but I'm not a lemon fan.  For me I'll just drink it really fast just to get it over with but then it comes out a lot faster too.  You will want some of that Halloween candy after all that and ou will have time to enjoy it.  Glad you will finally get this done and then you can move on.  Wishing you well.


Anonymous user (not verified)

so nice of you.  I tried that golytely a long time ago and barfed!  can't digest lemons either because of the acid.

I did go research the gatorade.  they are sending me a packet of what to do for the test.

I am going into the hospital (my choice) for the test instead of the office.  I just feel better about it that way.

I am worried but I am determined to get an answer about this and in Jesus' name, hopefully I will not have another type of cancer!  One is enough as we all know.

I guess I will live on jello for a few days.  and I hope it's okay to drink orange gatorade.  do you know if it is?

I know they already told me no red or purple

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My doctor lists no orange, purple or red.  You might want to check with your doctor as some will allow the orange.  Wish mine would because I'm not a fan of anything yellow, green, or blue.  The gatorade is easier to do. 

They should send you a diet form to follow too.  Most fast the day before the procedure, but I'm sure they will let you know.

When we have had cancer, any ache or pain just gets our mind racing on thoughts even though we usually find out it was for nothing.  It's easier said than done when someone tells you not to worry though.

Going into the hospital will make you feel better and a lot of people feel that way.  My doctors also have the option, but most of them are now done in the doctors office.

Feel free to ask anymore concerns you have.


Fridays Child
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The last time I had to do this I drank colorless cherry Gatorade.  I don't care for Gatorade in general but it was tolerable.  I alternated it with the lemon lime because the cherry was too sweet for my taste.  It's been a few years so I don't know if they still make it.

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I know all this seems ominous but better to get checked out completely. For me, 4 days of prep seems long but it may be gentler than the one day all out stuff. I tried the pills one time and I was very sick. My doctor said that I had a problem with too much sodium. Milk of magnesium may be easier on your system.

please come back and let us know how it goes. Sending love and strength.


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