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Serous 3a any trials going on you’ve heard about?

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Is anyone aware of trials for treatment of reoccurring serous cancer?  So far I am NED after surgery chemo and radiation in 2017 but I am trying to keep up on the latest just in case. I am unaware of trials going on for new treatments for serous uterine cancer. Any news?

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I think I posted one a few weeks ago.  Check the NIH clinical trials website.

I'm about a year out from diagnosis, and finished (mostly) treatment 4 months ago.  When I asked my oncologist what the treatment plan was for recurrence, she just did NOT want to talk about it.  I can understand that she feels like, let's hope for the best, but I also want to plan for the worst.   But I let it go.

My most recent CA125 was under ten, for the first time since diagnosis.  My oncologist is offering me a follow up CT, but I don't know if I want it.  Other oncologist, and my surgeon, both didn't recommend it because earlier detection doesn't increase survival time, and as the surgeon said, we'll just wind up ruing the rest of your time.  I'll make a decision when I get back from a vacation in early October.

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I was getting CT scans every 3 months. In the second year, if I wasn’t getting scans my reoccurrence would not have been discovered as I had no symptoms. So I’ve been successfully in remission being treated with Megace for 2 years. So not getting scans would not have worked for me. 

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And BTW, 2 yrs out with NED is pretty good - maybe you beat the odds!  From what I understand, if you get past 2 yrs NED, odds of recurrence are decreased, and if you get past 3 yrs, odds are really decreased.

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