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The Unusual Tale of the Roaming Gallstones

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I love this story from NY Times Diagnosis series. They also have a Netflix series based on a few selected cases from their articles. If you have not seen it yet I would highly recommend it.  A doctor (apparently a consultant to one of my favorite shows, House) is trying to solve medical mysteries with help from strangers. Social media is saving lives! May surprise others. But not us, does it? I would like to think we, the women of Uterine Cancer board, also are accomplishing something wonderful with this group. All stages of cancer from Diagnosis to Treatment to Surveillance are scary and full of mystery. It is less scary, less unknown with you guys. Thanks again for all being here. 

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It is very interesting how the human body can do things or have conditions that are rarely seen and thus people go for years without correct diagnosis and proper treatment. There is power in connecting with others via social media and other ways people come together. We are blessed that the American Cancer Society supports our need to find and support one another as “warriors “ against cancer and survivors. Thanks for hour post. I am definately going to look at the programs. 


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Y'all are "home" to me.  So thankful for the encouragement, support and understanding.  Because of you, my hands and feet are neuropathy-free, I knew to ask for Metformin, I have a place to go to talk about things my friends don't really understand.  So very thankful!

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