First scans next week

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I have my first Mag3Renal scan next week-3 month.  I had a recent CT due to shortness of breath, rising pulse and BP.  It didn't show anything worrisome.

I have definitely experienced an overall spike in BP and pulse-headaches, dizziness since my partial nephrectomy in late May of this year.

I have been trying to increase water, watch sodium and have lost almost 20 lbs.  My primary MD has me wearing a heart monitor for 30 days due to higher pulse (in the 90s) and some previously mentioned sx.

Not really sure what to expect.  But hope sx do not get worse.


  • APny
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    My BP has gone up since my

    My BP has gone up since my partial. I was always on the low side but not since the surgery. Ditto for periodic rapid pulse. Wonder if it's common. Wishing you good results on your up coming scans!

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    Hi Shelmel

    Same here - I always had exceedingly good and consistent bp until partial and now have to watch it. Smart move on the water, sodium and weight - the weight is the hardest for me so you are encouraging me. Take care -