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Full panel blood test

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 Just want to apologize sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me. I am sure that everybody gets regular check ups here and blood tests. One year ago after radiation treatment my white  cell count was at 5.9 now this year I just had everything checked a little more than a year later and now my white cell count is down to 3.5 anything below four is considered low. I’m not going to jump the gun but I’m just worried once again. I had a first cousin who passed away from leukemia about seven years ago why I did this radiation is beyond me damn shame what fearvand anxiety could do to a person I emailed the doctors hopefully it’s nothing 

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You are right. The white cell count is low. You need to find the reason behind the problem and get it back to normal levels. Your radiation treatment could have caused the problem if it has affected the bone marrow. However, the isodose planning done by the radiotherapist delivers low Grays to such risky areas. I never heard that RT as caused such a problem in PCa guys.

Most of the Leukopenia cases (low WBC) are derived from medication we take (for instance; antibiotics). In any case there are several other factors that can cause the problem. You need to go over each item and try identifying the culprit. Here is a list of possible causes:



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Steve, the cause of most leukemias is ordinarily unknown.   In the Navy I studied radiation health, and one year is an impossibly too short a time to cause a low dose radiation-induced leukemia.   Radiation sicknesses usually effect the thyroid first, and if leukemias develop later, it is usually years or even decades delayed in showing.

Worrying about leukemia from a CBC result is a huge and unfounded leap.   Let the hematologists figure it out, which they will.

Peace of mind to you,


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thank you all ...very wise unlike myself 

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