Looking for the name of a gyn oncologist

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in the Atlanta area, preferably Roswell or Marietta, Georgia. I know a woman who lives there who is experiencing post menopausal bleeding for the second time in the last two years. Two years ago, she had a PAP and an ultrasound and a cause was not determined. She had unexplained spotting recently and has saught my advice. She will consider seeing a recommended gyn oncologist.

I don’t check in often, but know that I think of you all often and wish you all well. I remain cancer free, nearly 6 years after my cancer diagnosis. Following my hysterectomy, etc, I learned that I had stage 3a Papillary Serous Uterine carcinoma. Had the standard 6 rounds of paclitaxel and carboplatin. No radiation recommended. I am very grateful and realize how fortunate I am to be doing well. I will never take my health for granted. Anyone can get cancer regardless of how fit or how unfit she is. It is simply bad luck like so many diseases.

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