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Date for Second Rodeo

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My Prostate Surgery is set for Nov 12 barring an earlier cancellation. I am continuing my Walnut free diet.






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Something just told me to get on this site and check on you. Glad I did! 

I know it will seem like forever waiting for that surgery date. So make sure you

are enjoying life !!

My BIL had the surgery, my brother had that non surgical surgery. BOTH are cancer free and feeling fine!

Let the anxiety go..


Sending you CALM


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Best of luck icemantoo.  One of my favorite posters (I have many!). 

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Best wishes to you Iceman, very soon, you will be NED for another 100 years!

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peace while you wait for November to roll around.  Hopefully, there is a cancellation and you're able to get this taken care of earlier.


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That's a long time to have to wait. Hang in there. You'll breeze right through this and enjoy Christmas holidays (Ok, first Thanksgiving) on the other side of it.

Hang tough!!

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We're all with you on this, Iceman. I agree with JoeyZ; you'll be free of this just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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You got this.   Good time of the year for recovery and as said, Thanksgiving right around that corner.

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still laying off the kidney beans

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Wishing you all the best as you face this bump in the road. November will be here before you know it and you never know they might take you by surprise if they have a cancellation. I'll never forget how your words helped me when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I was in a panic and just felt desolate and with no future. You gave me hope that it wasn't the end and I have now passed the 6 year mark with NED in August. Rooting for you!

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Well wishes from us too. 

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.  You got this! 

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Bay Area Guy
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Best wishes ice.  Good that it was diagnosed early.

Question - As I eat them frequently, why the no walnut diet?

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Google Prostate






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I just did and everything that came up said that it's beneficial, not harmful for prostate. In fact, one study currently is looking at its beneficial effects for prostate cancer patients. Sorry, too many links to copy here so I didn't.

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Posts: 3331
Joined: Jan 2010

Prostate you will find thaat it is a walnut shaoed Organ. That is enough for me to go on a Walnut free diet.










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Aah, went totally over my head and misinterpreted. Should have known, given your sense of humor :)

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Joined: Jan 2010

I also went 0n a Kidney (pie and beans) free diet before my neph/






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You've got this!  Just a little bump in the road.

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Wishing you smooth sailing ahead, Iceman. Just one more little hurdle to jump. You've got this. 

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Best wishes to you as you go through this. I'm sure you will do well. Prayers for you.

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