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Quick Hello

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Well, bracing for the hurricane and going crazy here. Jim started on Opido yesterday and will be getting it every week...SHOCKED our insurance did approve it. I don't know much about it since it's more for other cancers but seems to work on CRC as well. Fingers crossed! He lost a lot more weight and the ulcers are still a struggle making eating so difficult. I can't get my hands on Carnation Instant Breakfast to help him get proper nutrition....not much of anything on the shelves and he hates the Ensures I bought...

For those of you in Florida, please PLEASE stay safe! Where I live, power goes out something awful even on a good day and have no cell reception so I will probably be off line for sometime. (I live about 25 miles as the crows fly inland of Kennedy Space Center) Know as always I am thinking and praying for everyone. Hope to be back again soon! Take care everyone!!! 

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As a fellow Floridian, but on the west coast, praying that you stay safe, that you keep your power and that you are spared from the worst of Dorian.   It has been a frenzy on this side as well, although we are only projected to get tropical storm force winds.  I think the memories of Irma are still too fresh and people tend to feed into the hysteria created on the national news.  Praying for all but particularly for those of you on the east coast.

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Gas stations here have been running out of fuel for 2 days, water gone bread gone...You would think the apocalypses is coming. We still don't know the exactly where landfall will be. I am prepped got a generator several days ago along with a portable AC. It is what it is, ridden out many including the eye-wall of Andrew in Miami. It's going to be bad, wherever it land will be devastated, but the mass hysteria is absurd it serves no purpose and it's driving me nuts! I can't wait for this to be over with so we can rebuild and move on. It's Florida, we choose to live in hurricane alley so why the panic when it does happen? I saw a fight at the gas station yesterday while I was getting lotto, people are getting ugly. Stay safe over there on the West Coast neighbor!!! 

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I love that you made sure to get your lotto tickets before the power goes out. The first thing I left my apt for after my surgeries that was not health realated was a walk to the corner for lottery tickets. I have made it out in a blizzard for them.

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How about adding ice cream to the nutrition drink? Would that make it more palatable? A milkshake?

Heres hoping Dorian blows easy and the Opido is fierce against CRC.


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I forgot about that, I used to do that for my Dad. Thanks!!! 

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Will be pryaing for all of the great people in Florida--love that state, especially the St Augustine area--pray that hurricane slows down or veers off. Hoping things get brighter for your husband Twinzma!

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I've not heard of that treatment before but hope it works wonders.  Trying to get drinks that taste good when everything tastes bad is so hard. 

Hopefully, the storm moves off in a different direction and doesn't hit hard on the coast.  Stay safe and let us know how things are going when it passes.

Hope hubby can get some nutrition in somehow, even if adding ice cream (like suggested above) helps it taste better for him.


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I think there is onepozole for ulcers. I was told so by American and European doctors. Proton inhibitors are out there. Gastro doc may help. I am in the Bay Area, FL. We are getting ready for impact. When you live alone and do not have any family carrying a 5 gallon of gas, water bottles is very pathetic when you are on chemo....... my own experience. Butt. 

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Good luck and stay safe! Some Hershey's syrup might work well in the Ensure also. My hubby liked it.

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