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Five Years NED

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted here for a while. I am dealing with another not cancer related issue of my life which takes all my strength, unfortunately I haven't been able to handle it yet, but I'm doing my best to finally find a way. Because of that I'm dealing with on and off depression but meanwhile trying hard to stay positive.

And the good news is, I celebrated my five years NED last week.  My latest abdominal and pelvic ultrasound was three months ago and latest chest x-ray and blood work were last month. Last week on the surgery day we celebrated life with few friends who helped me most during diagnosis and treatment time.

For new members information, I was 36, and had  a 10 cm RCC tumor in my right kidney. Stage two, grade two. They removed my right kidney and adrenal gland. And since then a lot of C.T scans, MRIs, X-rays, blood works, ultrasounds, bone scan,..... And happily all with negative results.

My next ultrasound is set for next month.

Love you all

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Pretty dam good  for a 10cm tumor. Keep scanning.






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Happy you're ned!

Wishing you the best with the other issue in your life.



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Congrats on the good report! Prayers for your current situation- hope all works out. 

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You'd think scheduling providing hospitality for Uncle Ned's visits would be enough to pretty much fill up our calendars, but apparently Stuff gets a lifetime pass. So glad to hear you're up to five years (I'm looking forward to celebrating that).

Hope you've got the support, strength, perspective, and encouragement you need to deal with the Stuff. Depression stinks and as far as I'm concerned is kinda cowardly and sneaky when it strikes. At least with RCC there's scans and pathology. It'd be nice if we could scan for depression and then kick its butt to the curb, just like it can kick our butts. Until that happens, know that you're not alone and we're definitely with you on this. 

All the best --

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So happy about your good results and hoping you get support to handle and get over the other issue. 

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AND even better to hear about your NED news.  Like Iceman mentioned..keep scanning.  10 cm tumor is nothing to mess with.

Wishing you continued good fortune!


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Thanks, my uro-oncologist told me he'ld continue six month ultrasounds forever, and CT. Scans every now and then. And this is what I'm comfortable with too. I know RCC is not something to mess with and I want to keep an eye on it.


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Mighty Frog
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So glad to hear this. Keep it up! 

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Congratulations  I was looking for you for long time it's good to hear you good and healthy keep it up sister 

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Thanks Max57

I wish you good luck as well

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News like that gives hope to everyone else!!

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These are wonderful NED results, and wish you NEDs forever!

But sad to hear about depression. I know mental health issues can be very hard. I've never had depression but I had health anxiety. These things suck. Please get professional help, if necessary. It works wonders in helping you to get your life back! 


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Thanks Allochka

I'm seeing a therapist, it really helps to pass this difficult time.

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Congrats on five years, foroughsh! 


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Great news ! 

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