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Hello all. 13 years ago I was dx with stage 4... mets to liver and lung.... You can read all about that on my profile. It was all the usual stuff crappy stuff everyone deals with...recurrances, 4 thoraic surgeries....chemo... I am still here and  have been NED for the last 6 years now. I wish I had the magic answer but for all there is hope, It is funny but this day is more important than my birthday now. Got to see both kids graduate college. When I started this they were in 4th grade. I am still teaching and just went surfing this morning. There is never really a normal for me like before but a different. My son works at Apple so I was up near Stanford before school started and walked through... I was never in military service but it felt like visiting a former battlefield.  Grateful for the emotions.

All my best to all of you and also to the caregivers and professionals helping everyone.



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    This is fantastic! Thank you

    This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing. It is good for all of us to hear stories just like yours. So happy for you and the inspiration and hope that comes from you sharing your journey!


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    Thanks for Chipping in [lol],

    Thanks for Chipping in [lol], that is a great milestone, and perspective on the long term. Mine's in a week, 12&5 years, and I'm already pondering what a trip it's been. Great to hear from you..................................Dave

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    Thank you Chip for posting this wonderful story.  I've followed your story for years after joining in 2009.  Everytime you posted an all clear it was wonderful news so this post makes it very special - 6 years NED.  That is wonderful.  I'm so glad you got to see so much of your children grow and be right there by their side.  It's always amazing that someone posts out of nowhere to let us know they are doing great and living life to the fullest everyday.


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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news.  Gives me great hope!

    May I ask, is there anything that you feel effected your long term NED??   Did you make any major life style changes that you think helped?   

    I am also a stage IV with liver and lung mets, last scan showed no active cancer, I debating on tKing a maintenance chemo of Xeloda and Avastin 

    Thanks for any input 


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    For what  it is worth:

    For what  it is worth:

    1 take 1 aspirin every day

    I stopped all sugar and almost all desserts

    I tried to cut out negative people and stuff / clutter around me

    I do not take any maintenance chemo but would if it was offered...Their position was taking it could not be tracked so wait until somethng shows

    Early on I was as active as possible - surgery at anytime possible, 


    All my best